Now Why Didn’t I Think of That?

I read The New Yorker cause my brother has a subscription and he gives me past issues.

I read the New York Times online.

I read The Washington Post online.

Never once did I consider that I was reading what the ruling class was telling itself.

Think about that.

“Earlier today in New Orleans, I had been having lunch with some friends, both liberals and conservatives. The issue of how so many Americans now don’t have much interest in truth (as distinct from believing what they want to believe) came up. Of course there was the matter of Trump’s dishonesty, but also the matter of the media’s ethics. I said that I read and subscribe to the Times mostly for the same reason Soviets used to read Pravda back in the day: to know what the Official Story the ruling class wishes to tell itself is. That’s not to say that the Times doesn’t feature excellent reporting and good writing; it does. But I don’t trust it to tell me the truth. I trust it to reveal to me the narrative that the greater part of the ruling class (minus the Republican elites) tells itself. That’s a useful thing to know, as long as you know that you’re only getting a take.” — Rod Dreher

Credit to Ethics Alarms for bringing this to my attention.