Professional Clowns Are All Kinds of Pissed About the ‘IT’ Remake
John McDermott

Started playing Thimbleweed park this week, featuring Ransome the Clown. Not scary, just angry. Kinda like Don Rickles. Insults are his business.

And then there’s this observation at Ethics Alarms

10. A stark lesson in cognitive dissonance: The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, which for decades used head clown Lou Jacobs as its symbol, minimizes the visibility of clowns to the vanishing point. The clowns are a small troupe, and act like rodeo clowns. The costuming and props are minimal. There is no little car, no extended clown skits. Moreover, Lou Jacobs’ style of clown, the classic whiteface clown, is gone. So is the Emmet Kelly-style “tramp” clown, presumably because it is politically incorrect. All that are left are the “auguste clowns,” like these…
This is how the cognitive dissonance scale works: whiteface clowns can’t be funny, because the associations with them are now sinister. I grew up with whiteface clowns like Bozo, Ronald McDonald, Lou Jacobs, and Clarabell the Clown on “Howdy Doody.” Then came John Wayne Gacy, the real life serial killer clown, and Tim Curry’s terrifying Pennywise in “It.” Adults, like “Seinfeld’s Kramer, displaying fear of clowns became a running gag, and kids got the message.
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