Jeff, I cannot imagine everyone and everything being a simulation.
Tre L. Loadholt

That’s ok, Tremaine. Maybe later, when you’re more at ease.

I suggested this because it’s one of an infinite number mind games you can play for an infinite number of reasons. I’ve played this game previously, with interesting results. Last week the agonizing pain of sciatica, which, at times, brought me close to tears, prompted me to declare that I and everything in the universe was a simulation. (Why I chose this particular mind game I’m not sure.) Extrapolating (remember, this is a mind game)… 99.999 percent of humanity are asleep, i.e., they don’t know they are simulations existing in a simulated universe. I, however, have awakened, which means I have become conscious or self aware.

Now, this could just be a case of the sugar pill placebo, but I don’t care. What matters is that my sciatica is 90 percent diminished. I can do physical work again with out tearing up. Also, my carpal tunnel in my right hand is much improved.

As with anything, your results may vary, Tremaine. Take your time. Live your life the way you think best.

One other suggestion… you might wish to investigate pendulum dowsing.

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