They fuck with me so I fuck with them


Past couple weeks I’ve been twisting headlines garnered from,, and, most refreshingly,

Following are some of my faves, with links.

Trump’s ban on beavers and the Pentagon’s response… ‘We fucking love our beavers!’

Monkey see, monkey do: ‘Hip hop, rap being normalized at White House’

‘Overwhelming force’: South Korea conducts prick waving drill in response to Pyongyang’s prick waving drill

North Korea fires Kim Jong-un’s prick through Japan’s airspace …

Baker who made ‘Love Your Nazis’ cake & dick donuts reaps alt-right praise

Transgender Activist Praises Caitlyn Jenner Over Trump Support: You’re a ‘Fucking Queen’ (VIDEO)

Lakewood Church Closes Doors to Displaced Harvey Victims, Joel Says God Does Not Give One Fuck via @BreitbartTexas

Trump Regrets Arpaio Pardon as GOP Establishment Joins the Kanye West Fan Club — Breitbart via @BreitbartNews

Nolte: 73% of Atheists Love ‘Gone With the Wind,’ Memphis Bible Thumpers Canceled It Anyway via @BreitbartNews

President Trump’s spiritual advisor Paula White Says Lucifer Raised Up Trump so he can inherit hell

Black ants attack peaceful red ants in Berkeley

Harvey flooding ravages Texas as Abbott orders another 1,000 cream-filled prayer books

Why do some Russian ambassadors die? Probably because Putin likes blueberry muffins and dead ambassadors

At least 14 animals sent to pound as dogs, cats face off in Berkeley, California

Adolf Hitler: Trump’s Arpaio Pardon a ‘sign from Aryan Heaven’ — Breitbart

Antifa Unleashes Weiner Dogs in Berkeley — Breitbart via @BreitbartNews

Chelsea Clinton Causes Celebration with Tweet About Spending Year in Arpaio’s Bed — Breitbart via @BreitbartNews

Michael Jackson’s Daughter Praises Trump, Urges More Cowbell via @BreitbartNews

I think we need a break.

Paul Ryan Throws in with Human Ape People by Endorsing President Trump’s Pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio — Breitbart

‘Trash the Economy, Fuck the Wall, Defeat Alt-right’: Dr. Sebastian Gorka Teases and Pleases Satan — Breitbart

EXCLUSIVE — ‘Like the Last Scene of The Human Centipede’: Sebastian Gorka Compares Bannon to Human Excreta

North Korea’s ‘Hunting Kim’ game lets players kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (PHOTOS)

Confederate flag maker ‘underwhelmed’ by orders as alt-right goes back to 4chan.

Venezuela launches string spaghetti in response to Trump’s threats (PHOTOS)

This just in! Trump Regrets Arpaio Pardon as GOP Establishment Joins the Kanye West Fan Club — Breitbart

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