Why I’m Going to Write for Scriggler

I registered at Scriggler March 3.

Scriggler followed me on Twitter March 3.

Scriggler sent me a DM March 3.

On March 6 I began receiving Scriggler’s Publication of the Day.

On March 15 I received the first of Scriggler’s monthly newsletters.

On March 21 Scriggler’s founder sent me a DM encouraging me to submit my writing, for I have been silent since joining. I responded, promising I would begin old and new work starting this weekend.

What is Scriggler?

Why am I going to write for Scriggler? I don’t really know. I had the Medium app on my iPad for months before I ever opened it. I was blown away by all the good writing. Soon I was posting previously written pieces. Later I began writing new pieces. I was hooked. I had found love.

Everybody needs love.

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