I thought about you today, just about 30 minutes ago and I actually said, “I wonder if Jeff is…
Tre L. Loadholt

You’re right, Tre. I haven’t been around much past few days. Feeling burnt out, maybe? Or doing more work outside… work that needs doing. But, today, I thought I really need to do something. So I posted that video on the question of are we living in a simulated world/universe because it was an easy thing to do and because it resonated with me because, as I’ve said elsewhere, I’m using the mantra “Everything is simulated.” to alleviate sciatica pain. And, by golly, it continues to work wonderfully. If it works, it works.

Then, earlier today, I buckled down and answered the call to write a piece on The Weekly Knob which is due midnight tonight. I got the giggles writing it so maybe it won’t suck. It’s titled Our Love Starts With a Toothbrush — A Philosophical Pathological Diabolical Listicle.

Then, later, a couple hours ago, I saw this and I fucking surrendered my happy…

A black woman called 911 because she was afraid of a police officer. A violent arrest followed.

So I watched the video and it was plain as day how fucked up the system is. (I’ve been stopped driving drunk on my motorcycle. Never got arrested. Officer drove me home. Impounded my bike. NEVER felt threatened.) I pulled together what I could and posted the above. Not being a black man (in this life), I do the best I know how. Then I went out and bought a pint of Jim Beam, which I’m drinking now.

Tre, I don’t know what to say to you. I live in a very different world. All I can do now is offer you a virtual hug. And I want you to know, when the Revolution starts, I’ll be there.

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