Getting A Better Understanding of Crisis Management From New York’s Crisis Expert Tye Farley A Political & Legal Fixer

It’s Tuesday just a little past midnight. While most of the world is happily sleeping the night away, there are some people who are just getting their day started. These people are often unseen, and unheard of until they are called upon, using their specific crafts and talents to take care of some of the world’s biggest situations that we may never hear about. Crisis experts ensure today’s biggest stories and scandals never make tomorrow mornings headline news and when they, they are also prepared.

Political & Legal Crisis Expert/Fixer Tye Farley| Principal & Managing Partner at Farley & Associates Crisis Management Firm

Crisis management is defined as the way in which a person, business, or brand deal with a sudden emergency. In our world and on our television screens, we most often seeing crisis management being performed week to week by the Emmy nominated Keri Washington, for her amazing portrayal of Olivia Pope, political fixer to the world. This portrayal is loosely based on the life of real of crisis manager/fixer Judy Smith who most famously handled the Monica Lewinsky scandal in addition to much of her non-publicized work in the field. Olivia makes the life of crisis management seem fun, exciting, dangerous, and at times ending with deadly conclusions. Rest assured, that the real crisis management may not be as entertaining, but it is a necessary and vital part of how the world operates and responds either pro-actively or reactively to some of the most critical issues over the past 100 years.

Enter Tye Farley, managing partner at Farley & Associates, one of the nation’s best-kept secrets in dealing with advanced crisis management for major corporations and celebs alike. As a “fixer”, he has established himself as a step above the rest, as he has been able to obtain government clearances and high-level case files unseen by most in the field of crisis management. Although he manages to stay out of the spotlight as say a Judy Smith, he often lends his voice to magazines, radio, and television to discuss the handling or mishandling of major political and social issues that take over the news cycle every day. Tye Farley treats crisis management like a science and an art, where he uses data analytics and research to craft some of the best piles of clay into works of art. With the art being another story kept out of the public eye, or spun into something that leaves everyone with a W in the win column of public relations.

Crisis prevention is just the first part of the job for those working in this field as a reaction to an emergency crisis is just as important. From Pop Culture to Politics, the last 3 months have shown us some of the best and worst handlings of a crisis and a career. We have literally witnessed the potential demise of the careers of Kim Burrell, Kanye West, Steve Harvey and Chrisette Michelle, all while watching a confessed sexual assaulter, homophobic, former reality television star become President of the United States of America because they had better “fixers” on their team. Part and parcel as to why Donald Trump could be elected was the job done by his staff who for most of his campaign did crisis management. As much as many of us hate to admit it, the job they did to normalize sexual assault, xenophobia, homophobia, racism, and every other situation he seemed to fall into during his campaign was nothing short of the amazing. That is the job of a crisis manager, whether the situation be good, bad, or ugly, to do their job sometimes against their own morals, ethics, and standards.

This isn’t something that is new to Tye Farley either. He has been placed in some of the most time sensitive high level situations, where he simply must do his job at all costs even if to his own detriment. His 3 step process to most situations keeps him centered and collected while serving as the blueprint for swift reaction with fast results. However, Tye believes that crisis management isn’t only something that can be used large scale, but also on a micro level in your personal lives.

Per Tye, “we all have crisis come up in our lives. The problem is that we don’t prepare for the inevitable, nor have a plan in place that can fit into most crisis that can come up in life.” Tye advises that you take three steps when dealing with a crisis.

1. Own the issue

2. Never Lie

3. And know that every crisis is an opportunity

We can all learn a thing or two from taking a few moments in our lives to prepare for the most common types of crisis. Planning doesn’t always have to be a reaction to a moment that you could see coming from a million miles away.

“I remember hearing years ago that to every human problem there is a simple solution, we just have to stop freaking out long enough to figure it out.”
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