Double-digit growth in organic fresh produce sales was registered in the last quarter. What role has the pandemic played in this sudden sales boost?

Organic cauliflower field in California, August 2020

According to data released by the Organic Produce Network, the sales of organic fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) have soared in Q2: +18.2% in volume compared to Q2 2019, surpassing the growth in conventional produce (+12.9%). Below are the two factors we at FarmWise believe are contributing to the rise in organic food sales based on discussion with vegetable growers on the fields.

Across various media outlets or channels, authorities, as well as national and international organizations have massively shared two kinds of public statements: 1) The risk of hospitalization is higher for people with diet-related conditions like obesity, hypertension…

Celebrating National Ag Day and farmers whose efforts continue to feed America throughout these difficult days

Credit to Scott Baxter.

As nearly one in three Americans are now asked to stay home, we are witnessing people stockpiling at grocery stores throughout the country, highlighting our collective fear of food scarcity and an unstable food supply chain. If we shouldn’t expect to see actual shortages, for the time being, we are witnessing our food production system being stretched significantly right now. The value of vegetable imports in the US was already up 15% in January and the price index for vegetables to retailers up more…

Our First Generation of Farming Robots was designed and built with growers in California. It’s used today by growers to perform a high precision mechanical weeding process.

Today we’re announcing our $14.5M Series A funding to start deploying our AI-powered machines to farmers and help them thrive in an era of increasing pressure put on our agricultural system to become drastically more efficient.

I’ve always loved puzzles. I love solving problems that at first sound intuitively impossible and yet there exists a hard-to-find but beautiful way to solve them. I love when most people think there is no solution to a particular problem, this truly motivates me to work hard to find one.

As I move through life, I also realize that finding meaning in projects I…


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