SF RES Land Monthly Report (Mar 2022) | Chihuahua Chain

Chihuahua Chain Proposal

News of SF RES Land

Report of SF RES Land on Feb

Withdrawal time:1/3/2022 HKT2221
tx HASH: 0291C44E9C90CF2B317BF92D074E28756066D429734E378A1D40A36855C74F8F
Huahua/USD at that moment:0.00347981
80%commission theoretic value:433.6286093USD
After exchanging to HKD:3,208.2HKD

At block height 1,115,611

Stakers wallet numbers:89
Total delegated Huahua:18,135,208.756949 HUAHUA

How to delegate to SF RES Land

Welcome to use the useless meme coin with me in a meaningful way!



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