Sometimes Poetry Is Who You Meet In Line

by Lucy

You know when you see a long line outside of a building and FOMO kicks in so hard that you have to figure out what’s going on? That was me outside of the scene at Greenway Theatre last week. I decided to scout the line for the perfect person to inform me. Before I could pick someone, Dion chose me.

“This place is the best kept secret in LA,” he said from behind me. I turned around to see a guy wearing a black fedora and a white t-shirt. I usually hate fedoras. But now I was eating my words because he was rocking it. Somehow he convinced me to hop in line with him.

Dion explained that tonight was “open mic” at the “Da Poetry Lounge”. “I love writing, but never been a fan of poetry,” I interjected. Dion smiled. He confided that after a girl had broken his heart, he became very closed off. He swore never to allow himself to be vulnerable. He became numb. A friend suggested he should write about these feelings & share them in front of the crowd at DPL. For some reason he did. He had never felt more alive before then.

But with so many people inside and this huge crowd waiting in line how could Dion consider this place a “best kept secret”? A few hours later I finally understood. It was like a revival. This was their church. There are other open mic nights all over LA. But if more people found out what was going on inside Da Poetry Lounge, this movement would fill a stadium.