Hello to you and others you share this with who live a life fulfilled with Justice,

I’m responding to not only so many alike writers, journalists, and outstanding reporters who work so hard to provide justice wherever they can each day. If that is with an article they wrote that hopefully could make a difference they do it, if they can do as much research and spend hours to provide insight to make our lives easier they do it. As they are learners, grads, so are we and so can we be if we are not already.

In response to the Chrissy Tiegen post sent to me today and I just had a moment to respond. She writes admittedly to making wrong remarks in leverage with this new writers app “Medium”, which I must say is pretty cool for real writers, journalists, apps, educational institutions, news outlets or those who may want to be paid for posting,venting or apologizing so many uses and a gift of getting paid for it and the time it takes.

I would have never known as I’m working on my second memoir that is literally supposed to be out this week as I had to add updates per the turn of events I owe to my supporters, dreamers and those living a life filled with justice. Toward the countdown of my dream twenties ending and joining the 30 club adding more meaningful life changing events throughout the book. I pledge to support and help others through my life’s work god blessed me with and with the strength god gave to live through it. I support this with my past decade of a memoir to support you accomplishing your dreams when no one else is supporting them with you.

My brain and therapy upon my sessions with one doctor after another doctor getting me back to being the “Farrah” I love,I miss before my confused state and body that is so reactive even with meditation, medication, pain management, some neurotransmitters will never be able to connect the same ever again and for that I try my hardest to fight as hard as I can for healing and my mental health. Therapeutically writing this helps me rather than speaking. Some will understand this and some reading this will not.

The reason, my current clinical assessment which is a new adjustment for me which I’m sure like many who are assaulted have severe ADHD, severe anxiety, insomnia, depression that is different and unexplainable to me and severe psd. Whew ! What a fatiguing enormous burden that puts on assault victims and beyond if there is physical rehabilitation.

Aside from the last time Chrissy Tiegen had mentioned myself I was in a different traumatic state of healing my bereavement which is actually an ongoing issue for many and comes out in many ways and affects others sexually, physically, mentally in no exact order or time period. At that time I was very much staying strong for my daughter and dealing with public sex shaming, by those who took advantage of my vulnerability in the same both men and woman. Like a lot of teen mothers with a lot of undeserved criticism, judgement, being taken advantage of and so much else many older moms will never understand, those who do not have children and men.

I was determined to succeed then as I am determined in my current situation to put my healing, mental health number one as always because without that continual work for over 10 years and more in my future — wow! I would really be less emotionally developed and at a lack to help myself currently and others that I do each day as I fight to live a loving beautiful life that joys me filled with justice.

It’s ironic that last time I wrote my best selling book I was depressed in a different state and here I am again releasing another memoir among another different depressive state of mind. That must be the secret to connecting with so many who even hated me on a show created and edited by men and women who couldn’t relate to a teen mom female perspective. I get to be closer and more in touch with so many who are going through similar life changing grieving states.

I admit I’m one of so much personal growth, believing in others to leave behind lack of emotional growth allowing more and more space for self reflection like I have to empathize with others before I feel out of place, uneducated, non confrontational and many more not such great feelings to the core of our existence and we may have a sorry crying complex from those core not so pretty thoughts of ourselves but that’s needed to help us all grow to not feel sorry for ourselves yet grow as our adult-selves with a real conscious for the harm we caused to others by even the littlest actions.

Our actions are similar to when we were kids. Did you get away with not apologizing and saying whatever? Were you looked at as a problem child? Maybe more of a favored child? Pent up quiet child? There’s so much from our childhood that shows during these times of affecting others if you have a conscience for your behavior.

Chrissy Teigan’s apology on this platform “Medium” said through the hate behavior and nice behavior whiplash of mood behavior described by her,was used to get clout, notoriety, build a following to get famous, be with possibly the person she wanted to be with, the friend group she wanted to fit in with, get the fashion, style angle of public persona rather than only being discovered through her husbands music video, and act nice to friends she made in real life who believed in being above essential celebrities, gossiping complete immature lies and hate publicly that their friends supported loudly on social media and privately.

It was very much a “Mean Girls’’ movie spin-off of a “wish I could use vulnerable, nice, famous types with more following with press push leverage, to be more popular ” kind of spiral out that would come sooner or later like in the movie.

Many females in high school do this,I graduated high school early and was a leader to my cheer squad and school. College graduate with honors and I don’t plan on wasting my entertainment career on the behavior, as you witnessed a decade with MTV’s Teen Mom in which I still wish those women the best even if they took a man’s point of view over a woman’s, sincerely fought for book deals, awards shows, hirer pay and truthfully still believe they deserve more and their children. Many owe me apologies like Chrissy Teigen types, I hope the world will catch up one day.

Chrissy’s prey of vulnerable young famous women who are true survivors and warrior women today have shared if they had or not heard an apology about her actions from long ago whenever she realized it was wrong then or now. It’s a rarity in current public victim culture that the wrongly labeled would not exercise their full constitutional rights to have their voices heard. rather than silent and someone in turn speak for them.

The irony of Chrissy’s cycle is truly one most all alike will experience until they decide to change their narrative and finally learn that does not serve them psychologically in a positive forward direction. Hate, using others, manipulating one’s truth is an infection of the brain that needs a good sense of guilt with reflection to fulfill healing and a conscious for their inflected actions on someone.

Our society believes that this example of overwhelming negative climate in news, talk show hosts, production behind the talent, reports, living on social platforms and in media is deplorable in all places and creates a very unsafe environment. Chrissy’s article attests to that the world is overly due for healing, apologies, allowed time to get true therapy, mourn grievances, deserves time to reflect, process and to cease the negative attributes that plague the majority of celebrities, public officials, networks,media, the government and our societies and digital platforms.

The toxicity as exemplified is no longer tolerated in our nation. Media, tv, alike with the push on tech and digital platforms yearn to be legally regulated to be on the side of those who live for consent culture rather than be silenced, deleted or controlled. Live for protecting not limiting our positive influences, freedoms, rights from hate, manipulation, bullying, and criminalistic activity. The law applies to all; no private entity like networks, government, or celebrity entities is above the law or over-throwing our birthrights of our constitution we live and breathe.

Enjoy the read and share it, I hope it heals hearts.

As you’re asking yourself “Did Chrissy ever apologize to Farrah”, hypocritically as such at this time no she has not. As a reminder Chrissy ended her light hearted post, so similarly as her past remarks with taking care of her family and herself. So I understand the time it will take to really be beyond her past behavior.

I don’t believe only I deserve a confident apology like the other strong woman today. I truly have no one else taking care of my family, I realistically need time for myself who must take time psychologically from my doctors orders to be the strong woman I need to be to keep this life going I’ve fought so hard for.

An apology maybe due to me only in Chrissy’s eyes but as a mother there’s also an apology due to my child who has to witness the aftermath of remarks publicly that not only affects her mom but her. This mentally affects children and their time with their mothers.Those who hurt mother’s are also responsible for hurting their children.

My daughter learns at the review of this and my daughter Sophia dislikes hypocrites more than anything like most tweens and young adults she tells me probably monthly currently. As they get punished for this behavior yet their parents hide their pasts until one day it’s discovered with animosity and resentment from their own children they raised into young adults.

As I’ve learned, I disadvantage my child by hiding valuable life learning lessons. I send faith in time that all will sort beyond self pity, I send hopefulness of the tools made aware of in therapy. I hope funding for the school systems is given to children to have a clinical psychiatrist and therapist with a PhD for all classrooms to have the mental healing and health support they are needing and very deserving of. A law class for consent rights education to protect our children, and a class for safety officials and students to overcome trauma and resentment in society to cure past generational dysfunction that current generations struggle with actioning and leading problem solving.

(This length of a write up has me feeling this post was worthy of being a paid post)

I also leave negative comments up so the world sees there’s a lot of work to still do for mental health and holding online platforms accountable.

Living my life fulfilled with justice, stay blessed,


A voice of reason

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