A simple hello.

I’ll start by saying I have never ‘blogged’ before. I’m not sure I’ll be any good at it so please bare with me, if I ever dare send this out at all.

I think my Twitter bio covers the important parts —Wife, mother to two beagles and a bonafide Harry Potter obsessive. Add some Disney, a love of food & the State of Florida into there and you know pretty much everything about my private life.

I’m about to embark on quite a change in my professional life though.

Working at NHS Digital, in the Digital Delivery Centre, I have found a whole new world out there. One that is centred around user needs and building the right thing for them. Coming from a private sector business (that very much depended on customers!) where the business told us something that ‘had’ to be done and we went ahead and did it without question — this was a whole new concept to me. Its one that I am fully embracing though and I will take as many people as I can with me!

So, I’ve switched from the profession of Business Analysis and I’m about to start in a Junior User Research role, which I am extremely excited about. In addition to this, I’ll be starting a Psychology degree in October though the Open University — this is going to take me 6 years to complete on top of my already busy work life but it will be oh so worth it in the long run. I’m looking forward to seeing how it influences my user researcher career.

There’s a round up. Welcome to my world. I think I’ll use this blog to try and capture my early years as a researcher and the highs and lows of juggling a degree alongside.

Thank you for reading.