Fashion Photographers in Los Angeles

Fashion Photographers in Los Angeles

There are top Fashion Photographers in Los Angeles and here is a report all about Fashion Photography by one of the most sought after and expensive brand marketing image makers in LA

Did you know that Downtown LA Has a 100 Square Block Fashion District?

A ten by ten square block area full of clothing warehouses, fashion designer offices, distributors, fashion labels, garment manufacturers, importers and more

Ecommerce studio fashion photography

By the title of this article you know where I am going with this, LA is the startup fashion capital of the world and the DTLA fashion district creates a seasonal and cyclical fashion photography opportunity which is never ending and ever expanding due to economic and technological factors such as Shopify, 3DCart and Bigcommerce online stores.

Fashion Photography at LA Mansion
Lifestyle Fashion Photography in a Tuxedo
Lifestyle Fashion Photography with a Red Ferrari

As one of the fashion photographers in Los Angeles with several photo studios, I now have an ever increasing roster of brick & mortar and online fashion clientele in LA and across US who book me for LookBook, Lifestyle, Editorial, Social Media, Ecommerce and Advertising photo shoots. For the audience my focus is fashion photography although I produce marketing videos and am a pioneer in virtual set technology. With thousands of fashion photos in my portfolio I will be writing many shorter stories about how each of the photo sessions produced the final shots some of which you see here in this long form article.

Fashion Photography Genres

Fashion photography Genres demand specific looks therefore lighting, in this comprehensive report I will cover some of the common styles and show you lots of photographs of their corresponding looks.

What is great about photography as a medium of expression is that there are no limits to creativity and to freedom of thought…yet there are limits to the medium, think of a new color you have not seen before, you can not. Therefore don’t be surprised to see other photographers work which are close to yours or close to your thinking, is there anything new under the sun?!

LookBook Fashion Photography

LookBook is usually shot outdoors on the streets and doesn’t have much emotion or editorial appeal, right? I however do shoot LookBook at LA locations and indoors as well, especially lingerie, obviously! here are some lingerie examples on location, and in studio for a composite.

Street LookBook Fashion Photography
Lingerie Fashion Photography for LookBook
Composite Shot for Lingerie Fashion Photography

Location Fashion Photography

Most often I shoot location fashion photography in LA using wireless strobes, unless the location has large windows and fantastic natural lighting. Locations range from warehouses to hangars, factories, industrial plants, hotel lobbies, mansions and any interesting or different twist on seen before locations, as the saying goes; there is nothing new under the sun.

Locations bring their own rewards and challenge to fashion photography, often I hunt for the shot and try to take advantage of any given location rather than forcing it to comply with a predetermined look. My favorite locations for the money are LA mansions and for good reason, I get many diverse looks out of a full day session with multiple models, this provides top value for the dollar and stretches one session into many social media post weeks for brands.

Locations are limited in your imagination, really… there are unlimited locations you have yet to discover, sky is the limit since I even shoot models out of helicopters over skyscrapers which makes an iconic statement.

Swimwear Fashion Photography on Location with Natural Lighting
Sportswear Fashion Photography on Location
Mens Fashion Photography on Location
Swimwear Fashion Photography at LA Mansion
Women’s Fashion Photography in a Helicopter over DTLA
Sportswear Fashion Photography on Location with Strobes
Eyewear Fashion Photography on Location with Strobes

Couture Fashion Photography

Couture and high fashion requires extra tall models who can twist and show off the particular angles of a unique design, I spend more time shooting one of these shots than a hundred front-side-back Ecommerce session. Further down in this report I will talk more about fashion models.

What is great about shooting high fashion is that anything goes, literally anything you can think of goes with couture fashion photography. There is no best couture fashion photograph.

Supermodel Couture Fashion Photography
High Fashion Location Photography
Behind the Scenes Couture Studio Photography
High Fashion Studio Photography

Ecommerce & Studio Fashion Photography

Ecommerce is the most straight forward type of fashion photography, its usually done on a white cyc with strobes and once I dial in the lighting its all click click click. Ecommerce fashion Photography in Los Angeles is not costly unless it involves shooting many SKU with multiple models, which I have shot many such sessions. One toughie is shooting white garments on white background in a studio, you have to micro manage the lights for balance.

Ecommerce Studio Fashion Photography with a Twist
Behind The Scenes of Ecommerce Studio Fashion photography
Ecommerce Fashion Photography in a White Cyc Studio
Ecommerce Fashion Photography on Backdrop

Sometimes what you see is not what you think you see, such as this studio swimsuit ecommerce shot which I managed to shoot outdoors on location under a blue sky because the schedule was so short both the location lifestyle photography and studio ecommerce shots had to be squeezed into the same short winter day!

Swimwear Outdoor Studio Photography

Advertising Fashion Photography

Advertising is the most demanding and expensive form of fashion photography, I usually have an LA or NY agency and a creative on the team not to mention a wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, assistants and props such as helicopters, cars, boats and mansions. Advertising fashion photography requires a vision to begin with, its the opposite of hunting for the shot, you have to construct it according to a blueprint and team collaboration.

Black and White Advertising Photography in Budapest
Advertising Fashion Photography with World’s Largest Dog Breed
Advertising Fashion Photography Composite Image
Advertising Fashion Photography with Graphics
Advertising Fashion Photography in Studio
Advertising Fashion Photography Composite Image
Lingerie Fashion Photography
Behind The Scenes of Advertising Fashion Photography Session in a Studio

Editorial Fashion Photography

Editorial fashion photography is in essence a form of advertising photography which either rhymes or clashes with the editor’s script, above all its designed to be thought provoking and memorable. I shoot editorials equally at LA studios and on locations which often require more time to find and contract than the fashion shoot itself!

Location Editorial Fashion Photography at a Hotel
Studio Editorial Fashion Photography With Composite Windows

The Fashion Photography Models

Models are the soul of fashion photography and reflect the altered ego of the fashion photographers, I have had the opportunity of booking and shooting with many talented models in LA, NY and Europe, each bringing their individuality to the set which makes my work that much more interesting and I can say this about working with fashion models:

“Never Twice The Same"
Shooting with Models at Studio
Shooting with Models on Location
Shooting with Models on Location
Shooting with Models at Studio
Shooting with Models at Studio

Read more news about models and Fashion Photographers in Los Angeles plus interesting stories of what goes on in front and behind the camera.

In this report we covered much of what needs to be said with VRset pictorials which speak a thousand words, in future reports we will focus on the intricate details of other genre of fashion photography and the newest fashion photography methods for the best results whether you post to social media, publish on ecommerce sites or print two page magazines spreads.

Finally, here at my profile on you can discover the latest and updated photos I shoot weekly as one of the fashion photographers in Los Angeles.