Create A Blog That Rocks #3

9 Content Ideas To Rock Your Blog by Fashion Potluck

Inspiration, inspiration… Even the best of us face sometimes the painful lack of inspiration. However you still do not want your blog’s content to depend on such abstractive matter. Unfortunately your page is not Vice yet and you do not have an army of inspired editors able to supply you with daily content. However creativity generates creativity and the more you will write, the more inspired you will be.

Today we treat you with 9 content ideas to keep your blog awesome no matter your level of energy and inspiration.

1 — Spot tomorrow’s next Instagrammer

Instagram happens to be the perfect place where to find new inspiration and topics to write about. Feature your favorite Instagram accounts and explain to your audience what you like about them. Try to pick a relatively new and innovative account.

2 — Create A Funky Infographic

You do not have to be an amazing designer to create visuals/infographics that rock. Platforms such as Canva will enable you to create a professionally looking infographic in a few minutes. Your infographic should be related to the theme you generally cover on your blog. For example, if you mostly blog about cooking, you can create an infographic about your favorite ingredients. You can also set a general theme like “10 red ingredients to reinvent” or “healthiest food for a radiant skin” etc…

3- Feature news related to your industry

As a blogger, we expect you to be the expert. If you write about fashion, you can publish a weekly columns that features major news from the industry. You can also write about your favorite fashion magazines or emerging brands you believe will rock within a very short time.

4 — Showcase Emerging Brands

When running a blog, it is beyond important to make sure you are always updated with news in your industry. Your approach should be innovative and informative.

5- List your favorite hotspots

No matter if you write about a few boutiques, museums, juice bars or restaurants, your favorite hangouts are great topics to write about. They reflect your lifestyle as a blogger. You need to live the life to keep yourself inspired and give back by sharing with others.

6- Write a news related column

No matter the theme you decide to cover on your blog, some matters are “universal”. You can feature news and share your opinion with others. Those columns are a great way to make an impact, and remember to also optimize your website with relevant keywords while writing your stories.

7- Feature Apps Related to Your Blog

Tech is the future of everything, especially in fashion, lifestyle, and travel. You should keep your audience posted on new apps releases that will enable them to find new stores, discover new products or keep the vanity case up-to-date.

8- Connect Your Main Theme To Another One

When it comes to lifestyle topics everything is connected. Fashion and lifestyle are not only a matter of clothing but mostly a matter of living. If you write about fashion, what about featuring the 10 most fashionable music videos or 10 songs that had impact on fashion.

9- Create A Moodboard Aimed At Inspiring

Inspiring others might be the most important mission of a blogger. Your blog should be a place where your reader finds ideas to enjoy life at its most. You can create a moodboard about style inspiration and feature your favourite outfits, foodies, designs and/or cosmetics.

No matter what keep in mind to create original and unique content that will teach something to your reader and most importantly, enjoy yourself!