How To Get A Stylish and Affordable Wardrobe?

Who said stylish was expensive? As Fashion Weeks are flourishing, Fashion Potluck loads you today with a wide range of tips to nurture your greatest first row styles at the best price.

For the sake of style and fashion here are a few useful statements and tricks to get the finest at the most affordable price. A dress designed by Oscar de La Renta and a LK Bennett pair of Mary-Jane shoes are out of reach for most of us. Good news, fashionistas on a budget can also treat themselves with breathtaking outfits. Discover our tips for those who want to enjoy great fashion but still perform shopping on a budget.

Fashion is a hot mess of taste, creativity, fabric, love and resources.

Fashion can be as thrilling as a love affair. Starring: your body, a real sense of style, a drop of inspiration and a lot of creativity. Stick to one rule: Well-dressed is not about trends, it is about spotting the best fit. Starving for the greatest apparel at bargain rates? Here it is: our way to rock the streets as if they were catwalks.

Head to the consignment store

Doesn’t sound sexy enough? Mention that ‘lovely/sexy fashion secret fashion antiquaire’ where you used to go with your friends. Consignment stores can be a real Aladdin’s cave where every fashionista can turn an unappreciated item into an iconic piece.

Oh and regarding Sunday escapes — you will forget what a boring Sunday is! — head to outlets and various sample sales on the next rainy weekend. Perfect for new fashionable adventures, fashion outlets are the temples in which you can find the greatest pieces of many designers at fantastic prices. All your crazy wishes and needs will become true at the outlet. We are telling you shopping on a budget is possible for all of us. All you need to shop on a budget is a slight dose of creativity!

Fashion Destination: yard & garage sales

More than regular sales, these small events tend to be a real source of inspiration at which you can meet other fashion lovers with whom you can share tricks and ideas. What’s more, these sales are the right place to find unique and special items. Who knows what you might find along the way! Go online and grab as many codes and vouchers as you can.

Online shopping to seal the real deal

Internet was THE REVOLUTION for shopaholics and shopping on a budget. A wild dream of clothes, the chance to discover small, talented and unknown designers all over the planet but also the opportunity to shop at damn interesting prices. Whenever I shop online, there is this one website I always check out: Flayr, the statement saving website that every good fashionista should know. Flayr is not only about discounts, it provides a full lifestyle and shopping experience as well as one of a kind products. Cosmetics, hot brands, online vouchers, whatever you want — Flayr has for sure your special treat!

Social Fashion: parties & sample sales

Copyright: Amsterdam Local Good Market,

What??!! You’ve never thrown a fashion party? You are a fashion chick right? What do fashion chicks do? Even if you’re not, know that these chicks throw fashion parties of course. Starring your finest selection of apparel, your most fashionable girlfriends, some fruity and colourful cocktails and a big buzz around fashion; what to wear or not. On top of this, let’s exchange clothes or sell some stuff at very affordable prices. Be creative, resourceful. Show the world fashionistas are not dumb!

Your teenage’s dressing statement pieces

I love to visit my teenage bedroom (and wardrobe) at my parents’ house. Especially these days when everyone is celebrating the greatness of the 90s. For the 2nd time, I can unleash the Nirvana-Spice Girls-Smashing Pumpkins–Courtney Love fan in me. Oh yeah, platforms and washed out denim are back and so are my fetiche Doc Martens. It just so happens that at the moment my favorite store is my teenage wardrobe.

Working Class Heroes for Vera Wang!

Weary of the black croco clutch you’ve been carrying over the last decade? Oh and this pearl necklace you do not even want to mention. Damn, get over yourself and revive your old (boring) items with a touch of you.

Don’t know what to do with the clutch or your classical pearls? Easy! Give them a new look with your very own touch. Throw some paint on the clutch, turn the freaking necklace into two outstanding bracelets, add put some gloss on them. Write statement sentences on your shirt, ‘Working class heroes for Vera Wang’. Show some spirit!
And don’t forget… you do not need to be wealthy to have an absolutely stunning wardrobe. You’re great as you are, show your style, and own it!