What to Consider When Looking for Furniture to Rent

Getting ready to rent a fabulous set of furniture for your home, office, or rental? At Fashion Furniture Rental, we know all of the benefits — and the potential pitfalls — that come with the process. Here is our best advice on what to consider when looking for furniture to rent, whatever your end goals are.

Get a lock on the space

Before you even begin to look, nail down the particular space that you’ll be shopping for. How big is it — and don’t estimate, measure it exactly. Is it a professional space that will require a polished look? Or is it for your home or a residential rental? Depending on the intended use for the space and its size and dimensions, your entire search may change.

What kind of look and functionality will you need?

When it comes to renting furniture, you can’t choose only form or function — you need them both. Before you start, give some thought to both the look and functionality you’re aiming for. This process should also include identifying and describing what you want to avoid in terms of style and function.

For example, if you’re choosing furniture for a space where many people will be coming and going, wear and tear might be a concern; opt for sturdy materials and finishes that resist damage. If you’re furnishing a space that needs to match an existing design or look, make sure you know what your target colors, fabrics, and other materials should be.

Is there a lifestyle fit?

Everyone has their own lifestyle, and the way you work and live affects which kinds of furniture work best for you. Will this be a long-term rental, or just a brief contract? Make sure you know the terms of the companies you’re considering before you fall in love with a set of furniture; a three year contract doesn’t fit with a six-month vacancy.

Inspect for damage and wear

Not all furniture rental businesses are created equal! At Fashion Furniture we are guided by a family business philosophy that motivates us to offer only top quality furnishings and service, but this isn’t true everywhere. As you consider furniture sets, inspect them for damage and wear. Even if a very small flaw doesn’t bother you, noting it now, before you rent, protects you from being charged for it later.

The affordability quotient

What kind of budget are you working with for your furniture rental? If you’re renting for a well-funded business or an upscale real estate staging, you’ve probably got far more to work with than a single person just starting a new job, or a student. In some cases, though, businesses will work with your specific situation. For example, at Fashion we’ve got a great discount program for students.

The fine print

Finally, consider the other details before making your decision — things like extra fees for delivery or other miscellaneous expenses, the service area of the rental businesses you’re shopping with, and any specials or discounts you might be eligible for. Once you’ve taken all of these details into account, you may find certain options are far more attractive than others. Or you may even find that you have fewer (or more!) possibilities to choose from.

The bottom line

Even the most focused, together customer can get a little flustered when making a big decision, and renting a furniture set is a pretty large decision to make. At Fashion, we understand what it’s like, and we’re here to help. If you’ve gone through each of these points and you’re still not sure what you’re looking for, reach out for more advice today.

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