Think Fast: 5 Stories You Need To Read

August 1, 2016

1.The dark underbelly of online dating is very real — particularly for women. But that’s changing thanks to these heroes. [Fast Company]

“Women are getting together in these online spaces and saying, ‘This f**ked-up thing happened to me.’ ”

2.Can companies really “do good” within the prevailing corporate structure of the publicly traded corporation? B Lab cofounder Jay Coen Gilbert isn’t convinced. [Co.Exist]

“I’m not sure what’s triggered it, but there’s been a palpable increase in energy from Fortune 500 companies.”

3.Why companies like Snapchat and Facebook are investing so much technology into silliness like rainbow vomit filters. [Co.Design]

“These digital props are designed to bring out our inner Carrot Top.”

4.We’ve put together your creative calendar—in other words, 52 things to do, see, and hear in August. [Co.Create]

“Because your AI designer can learn over time and at scale, she will be able to crank out amazing designs based on individual preferences, content, location and more.”

5.New job? Here’s a handful of things to do that’ll have you feeling like you belong in no time. [Co.Leadership]

“Your first weeks at a new job should be as social as possible.”
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