Think Fast: 5 Stories You Need To Read

July 27, 2016

1.Marriott is giving its hotel guests instant-feedback tools so they can weigh in on every aspect of their stay. [Fast Company]

“Marriott is currently just hypothesizing that this is what guests are looking for. But the beauty of the innovation lab is that the company can find out quickly if something is working or not.”

2.The best entrepreneurs know the importance of taking time to manage time. [Co.Leadership]

“When you become an entrepreneur, the need for your time feels like it grows exponentially.”

3.How do so many of Canada’s music acts make it big? It’s not something in the water, but a government “secret.” [Co.Exist]

“Early-stage rock bands have proven to be smart, cheap little startups.”

4.Seeking creative enlightenment? Nerve screenwriter Jessica Sharzer says “Never be boring.” [Co.Create]

“It always has to be interesting on its own terms. The ‘never be boring’ rule applies to any genre you’re writing.”

5.A primer on how to use color to prove your point, from a data visualization expert. [Co.Design]

“Designers may think their use of color is meaningless, but it can have emotional side effects that influence how readers understand the data.”
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