Think Fast: 5 Stories You Need To Read

September 1, 2016

1.On Frank Ocean, Apple Music, and the headache of streaming exclusives—are they good for artists and fans? [Fast Company]

“This new reality differs from the one we were promised.”

2.The five things we need resolved in Stranger Things 2. [Co.Create]

“Spoilers ahead, obviously.”

3.Why the future will be dictated by cities, not nations. [Co.Exist]

“It is often said that great cities survived great empires.”

4.Here’s what happened when this CEO moved his company to a five-hour workday. [Co.Leadership]

“Over a year later, we’re sticking with it. Here’s why, and how we made the change work.”

5.Five design jobs that won’t exist in the future (and six jobs that will only continue to grow). [Co.Design]

“Organ designers, chief drone experience designers, cybernetic director. Those are some of the fanciful new roles that could be created by the global design industry in the next few years.”

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