SUPER HERO BETA| How to Get Started, Controls & Troubleshooting.

Welcome to Fast Super Hero

Fast Super Hero is only available to play on PC web browser, but in the future Fast Super Hero will be available on mobile devices, once we have a stable PC build. You will need an EOS account and Scatter, or TokenPocket desktop, in order to play and join beta testing.

Over the next few months, players will notice dialogue will become more meaningful, players actions will expand, music/sound will be added and game-play will improve. The Fast Super Hero world is evolving before your eyes. So, join the fun!

Further development of Super Hero, will enable players to choose a class to start their exciting journey. Challenges will be everywhere, from gigantic granite golems in the fields, poisonous spiders crawling on the trees, to many more unknown creatures hidden in the mystic dungeons. To overcome all these dangers, players can farm all kinds of precious loot to arm themselves and even acquire mounts!

Let’s Get Started

1. Create an EOS account.

If you do not have an EOS account you can create one here: and you will given instructions as you proceed.

See our, ‘How to Create an EOS Account’ article for more help:

2. Download Scatter or TocketPocket desktop.

Scatter and TokenPocket will allow your EOS account to interact with Fast Super Hero safely. Download one of the two wallets and begin setup to access Fast Super Hero. Visit their website for the official download link and setup guide.



3. Login to Scatter or TokenPocket desktop wallet.

Once you have created your EOS account and setup either Scatter, or TokenPocket desktop, login and keep open (do not close/exit).

4. Login to Fast Super Hero.

Now you may proceed to the Fast Super Hero site.

Open Fast Super Hero link: in your web browser and select “Allow” when the pop-up appears.

If you have multiple EOS accounts another pop-up may appear and ask you to select the EOS account you wish to use.

Then you will see the Fast Super Hero loading bar initiate loading.

The Fast Super Hero page can take some time to load, so please be patience, but if the bar is not moving try refreshing the page.

5. Start exploring Fast Super Hero.

Now you are ready to explore Fast Super Hero. Let’s go over some of the controls and things you can do.


The Forsaken Town

How to operate Fast Super Hero

Move: W:↑ A:← S:↓ D:→

Jump: Space bar

Return to start position: B

Chat: Enter

Inventory: i

Character stats: C

Dance: /Dance1 or /Dance2

More functions will be added as the game develops further. Explore the map (inside and outside The Forsaken Town). You will find NPCs in town to interact with and a grave yard outside of town with possibly some familiar residents (click the gravestones).

Over time, the map will expand and there will be a world to explore beyond The Forsaken Town. Learn more about the future of Fast Super Hero:


Mine tokens & other materials

When mining you will notice more than tokens can be extracted from the mines. To discover what precious materials you have extracted press ‘i’ for inventory. In your inventory you may find you have iron, copper ore and/or silver. Visit the blacksmith to find out what you need and he will forge you a weapon.


At present, swords are available and can be forged by the blacksmith. Swords forged by the blacksmith will be one of three (random) types.

1. Common (no light)

2. Rare (blue light)

3. Legendary (orange light)

The weapon grade will be between 12 - 21 points (12 being the minimum total points allocated to a weapon and 21 being the maximum total points allocated to a weapon). These points are randomly distributed between 3 different attributes (such as strength, health and defense). Here is an example to demonstrate possible point distribution between attributes, using the maximum 21 points: 21-0-0 or, 7-7-7 or, 10-5-6 and so on.

Weapon Grade / Probability

12 ~ 16 points : Common [89%]

17 ~ 19 points : Rare [10%]

20 ~ 21 points : Legendary [1%]

More features for legendary weapons come later as we develop further, as well as more weapons (other than swords), and mighty foes to battle.

Equip your hero:

Start mining

  1. Find mining area. (Hint: Explore the outer edge of Forsaken Town. Check your map & look for crowds.)
  2. Stand next to the mine and use your mouse to select the mine. You will see a pickaxe appear and your hero begin to mine. You can check or (search your EOS account) to see the extracted tokens in your account.
  3. You will need energy to mine. Your hero has a max of 24. Every mine will use 1 energy. Every hour 1 energy is replenished (you may need to refresh page to see energy has increased). You may also visit Telegram and type /superhero:youreosaccount to boost your energy to full. But, remember boost is only possible once within a 24-hour period and you must be logged into the game as you claim your free full energy boost from Telegram.
  4. If you have difficulty mining some of the mines, do not worry. New mines generate every 10 minutes during the free token mining event until the total daily extraction limit has been reached. Please note the event details and tokens available to mine can change at the teams discretion. As of 18:00 (HKT) September 30th, free $EOS mining ended and the free $FAST token mining began. Find further details about the free mining events here or visit our Telegram: .

Heroes, arm yourselves. Something is coming! Don’t stop mining! (See the clip below of The Mist Forest in development for the new Super Hero build coming.)

The Mist Forest


Players can adjust the settings, such as audio, (also coming soon) graphic and game play.


As we are still in beta, there are still areas of the map heroes may fall through, get trapped and/or find other small glitches. If this happens please refresh the page and press b, before your hero becomes trapped, to return to the start position (The Forsaken Town gate).

Bugs can be reported via this form:

Some players are experiencing excessive wait times when loading Super Hero and difficulty seeing the mines (not visible). These bugs are now known and team are working to resolve. Thank you for bringing to our attention and being amazing bug hunters.

Level Up

Six Mini Games

Lucky Mamas’ Treasure Chests is the first of six mini in game additions to Super Hero for everyone to enjoy, whilst we continue developing Super Hero for its coming updates (classes, quests, map expansion, weapons, lore, etc).

Super Heroes can find Lucky Mama outside The Forsaken Town to test their luck and attempt to win up to 1000 EOS.

Full details here:

Rewards, Competitions & Careers

Current rewards and contests:

Bug Bounty (ends September 9th)

Create & Share (ends September 18th)

Programmers (wanted)

We are also always on the look out for new talent (programmers, website designers, marketing, etc). So, if you are interested in joining team Fast please contact us. Email your CV:

Fair, Transparent, Fun, and Earn! Most popular gaming on EOS mainchain right now! Please join us! FUN OR NEVER

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