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When mining you will notice more than tokens (such as EOS) can be extracted from the mines. To discover what precious materials you have extracted press ‘i’ for inventory. In your inventory you may find you have iron, copper and/or silver ore. Visit the blacksmith to find out what you need and he will forge you a weapon.


At present, swords are available and can be forged by the blacksmith. Swords forged by the blacksmith will be one of three (random) types.

1. Common (no light)

2. Rare (blue light)

3. Legendary (orange light)

The weapon grade will be between 12–21 points (12 being the minimum total points allocated to a weapon and 21 being the maximum total points allocated to a weapon). These points are randomly distributed between 3 different attributes (such as strength, health and defense). Here is an example to demonstrate possible point distribution between attributes, using the maximum 21 points: 21–0–0 or, 7–7–7 or, 10–5–6 and so on.

Weapon Grade / Probability

12 ~ 16 points : Common [89%]

17 ~ 19 points : Rare [10%]

20 ~ 21 points : Legendary [1%]

More features for legendary weapons come later as we develop further, as well as more weapons (other than swords), and mighty foes to battle.

Start mining

  1. Find mining area. (Hint: Explore the outer edge of Forsaken Town. Check your map & look for crowds.)
  2. Stand next to the mine and use your mouse to select the mine. You will see a pickaxe appear and your hero will begin to mine. To check your inventory press ‘i’. To check your EOS account for the extracted tokens, you can visit or (search: yourEOSaccount). [Please note: Join our Telegram or follow our Medium to remain informed on the latest information in regards to mining tokens. Mining tokens will change depending on the current promotional event. please stay up to date.]
  3. You will need energy to mine. Your hero has a max of 24. Every mine will use 1 energy. Every 1-hour, 1 energy is replenished (you may need to refresh page to see energy has increased on your screen). Players can check energy increase wait time by referring to the bar at the bottom of the screen. You may also visit Telegram and type /superhero:youreosaccount to boost your energy to full. But, remember boost is only possible once within a 24-hour period (meaning you may request a free full energy boost from the Telegram bot 24 hours after your last energy boost request).
  4. At present (referring to the date this article was released), there is a free EOS mining event active. If you have difficulty mining some of the mines, do not worry. New mines generate every 10 minutes during the free EOS event. The total daily mining reward limit is 100–200 EOS. Find full details about the free EOS mining event here:

Heroes, arm yourselves. Something is coming! Don’t stop mining! (See the clip below of The Mist Forest in development for the Super Hero map expansion.)

The Mist Forest coming soon

Join the fun and start mining resources to build your inventory. Prepare your hero as we bring you new updates and expand the world of heroes. Much more to come…

Please read the beginners guide to get you started and learn how to play Super Hero. Join our Telegram to get your free daily energy boost and interact with the team and players. Follow our Medium to never miss the latest news, events, competitions and updates. Most importantly, have fun!

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Super Hero beginners guide:

Free EOS mining event details:





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