FASTECO | Super Hero Free EOS Mining Event Open Now!

Aug 27, 2019 · 3 min read

Super Hero is the world’s first 3D MMORPG partially based on EOSIO blockchain technology. We feel this is cause for celebration and will, therefore, be launching an EOS mining event in Super Hero beta on September 3rd, 20:00 (HKT). You will also find there are many precious metals to be mined.

Please join our Telegram group to join the fun:

In the land of Super-Heroes, something strange is happening! Mines are appearing all over the Forsaken Town. No one yet knows the cause of this unusual phenomenon, but all Super Heroes have been called upon to investigate.

Heroes must locate the mines to begin mining and extract the EOS within each one. Heroes will keep all EOS extracted as a reward. Each mine also has a chance for the miner to extract various precious metals. These metals can be taken to the blacksmith to forge a weapon.

(This is the first of many mining events and players can expect to see a number of other free mining events with various tokens in the near future, such as $FAST.)

Every 10 minutes, 50 new mines appear at random locations all over the map, until the daily 100–200 EOS extraction limit has been reached. Once heroes find the mines and begin mining, they will have 20 seconds of mining time.

The reward probability of mining is as follows:

  • Participation in the event is free.
  • The total number of EOS available to be extracted is 100–200 per day.
  • Every Hero has a maximum of 24 energy per day, and consumes 1 energy per mining, recovering 1 energy every hour (you may need to refresh page to see energy restore/increase reflected in ui).
  • Logging in to the Super Hero game is by a decentralized wallet, so the game model is decentralized. You will need an EOS account and Scatter desktop (visit: and ).
  • When logged in to Super Hero, EOS or other tokens rewarded by mining will be transferred directly to the participants’ wallet address through smart contracts.


As you begin mining EOS, you may also find some mines contain various metals. Visit the blacksmith with your precious metals to discover what weapon he can forge for you.


The event has been extended beyond the original end date (8th of September). Join Telegram to be notified of changes and find out when the event ends.

Beta Testing

Super Hero is still in beta testing. We encourage everyone during this time to roam the lands, test, share ideas and have fun stretching the imagination as together, with your feedback, we build the first of it’s kind, 3D MMORPG on blockchain. All we ask is for your feedback and input.

Welcome to Super Hero and happy mining!

Super Hero:





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