The Social Side to the Fast Stream — The Fast Stream Forum

So far we have written a lot of blogs on the application process and what it’s like working on the Fast Stream. However something we haven’t spoken about much is the more social side to the Fast Stream.

The Fast Stream has something called the Fast Stream Forum. The Fast Stream Forum is run by Fast Streamers, for Fast Streamers, and aims to improve the experience for those on the scheme in two main ways. Firstly, the Forum represents Fast Streamers to stakeholders. Secondly (but no less importantly), it organises social and networking opportunities for Fast Streamers and provides development opportunities to complement core learning.

All Fast Streamers are automatically members of the Forum, regardless of scheme. There are no membership fees and all events are open to the whole Fast Stream.

So what is available through the Fast Stream Forum? There is a lot of representation through different reps and networks, so if you ever have an issue or question there is always someone to turn to. The networks are also a valuable of being able to meet other Fast Streamers:


- Departmental Reps

- Regional Reps

- Scheme reps

- Corporate Reps


- Language

- Black Asian Minority and Ethnic (BAME)


- Disability

- Older Fast Streamer’s Network

- Women’s Network

- Social Mobility Network

Aside from this representation function of the Fast Stream Forum there is also the Social Committee, Learning & Development Committee and Sports Committee. The Social Committee (as you can imagine) set ups regular socials for Fast Streamers including a Summer and Christmas Party (paid for by Fast Streamers purchasing tickets). There are also several clubs such as the book and hiking clubs. The Learning & Development Committee organises regular learning opportunities outside of the core learning offered through the Fast Stream, including an annual conference run by Fast Streamers themselves. This is on a different topic every year. This year it is on Digital Delivery and Agile Project Management. There are also several sports clubs under the fast Stream Forum, including a running and cycling club.

As you can see there is a vast amount going on in the Fast Stream Forum. This blog gives a snapshot but by no means encompasses everything the forum has to offer. If you want to get involved there is also plenty of opportunity as roles are re-elected every year.