Fast-Up Partners was established for a reason: the transition to the digital era has spawned new business models and changed the key success factors for companies in their markets.

Size, power and resources have given way to agility, speed and a corporation’s ability to invent or reinvent itself. In many markets, almost all growth is hoovered up by agile startups. Therefore, existing businesses have to change how they operate in order to deal with both threats, but also seize opportunities to keep their power and regain their dominant positions.

By joining forces with these corporations, Fast-Up Partners enables them to…

By Philippe Besnard, Managing Partner, Fast-Up Partners

© Fast-Up Partners

French private equity is celebrating its most successful year since the 2008 financial crisis (1) with nearly €19 billion in funds raised and €9 billion in divestments for the 2,200 companies involved. This performance reflects a high degree of confidence in the future and in the capacity of the companies to generate the value expected by investors, in other words, to deliver a more attractive “Equity Story”.

Understanding the levers of growth

How do companies which benefit from the private equity ecosystem overall intend to create value quickly and durably at a time…

By Frédéric Colas, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Fast-Up Partners

Innovation and growth: these two words are on the lips of everyone in large companies. And for good reason! Traditional players are now easily in competition with new brands and start-ups coming out of nowhere. For example, in distribution, new, small innovative brands are growing three times as fast as the major brands that were symbolic of the industrial era. …

Fast-Up Partners

We co-found new ventures & brands with corporations. We build them from the ground up, boosting speed & odds of success.

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