Bandwidth Optimization for High Speed Network

In order to maintain the high-speeds of the network you pay for and make the most of your services, you must properly control and groom incoming traffic and efficiently avoid all possible sources of delay. Sounds easy enough right? However, with an ever-increasing number of connected devices and users web traffic is regularly reaching all time highs, it is not so easy.

Bandwidth optimization could be a difference maker in maintaining the highest speeds across your organizations network. Bandwidth optimization essentially allows your business to access the bandwidth you need, exactly when you need it providing your customers the high-speeds they deserve. Bandwidth optimization works primarily through a few key processes: prioritization, caching, and compression.

Prioritization :

  1. Quality of Service (QoS) maintains that critical data moves faster than other traffic in a pre-assigned order.
  2. Increases flexibility to ensure that business critical applications are properly managed even during high traffic periods.
  3. Prioritization assures that potentially dangerous or unwanted protocols are blocked or limited to minimal bandwidth allocations furthering network performance.

Caching :

  1. Involves managing and exchanging collections of stored objects between devices implementing shared symbol dictionaries and software objects.
  2. Typically includes a refresh interval or session timeout for objects in the cache.
  3. Help improve response times while decreasing the amount of information transferred.
  4. Expand the life of existing Wide Area Network links further enhancing the user experience.

Compression :

  1. Reduces latency by compressing data sent across Wide Area Networks.
  2. More efficient transfers due to reduced package size.

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