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Strong communication is at the root of all successful businesses. In order for a business to thrive internal communication with employees and colleagues needs to be on point. Additional, external communication with clients and customers’ needs to exceed expectations. The team at Fastblue Communication knows this and we offer a variety of services that small businesses can implement to enhance their communication every day. In this article I would like to introduce to you Fastblue’s Audio Conferencing technologies. Audio conferencing is such a useful, cost effective, and efficient tool that we are almost certain that once you implement audio conferencing your business will quickly grow to rely on it.

n the most basic terms audio conferencing is a technology that allows you to host conference call from any place at any time and without prior notice. There are dozens of different instances when you can benefit from using audio conferencing. For one, if you have multiple office locations audio conferencing can be used to bring your entire team together without expensive travel costs and without interrupting your day-to-day work schedule with flights or car trips. Audio conferencing also allows you to meet with clients and potential business collaborators even when they are located across the country or overseas. Many businesses opt to use audio conferencing to host weekly team meets. Even our team at Fastblue stays connected and up to date on each team member’s progress by meeting via Monday morning conference calls. As you can see the possibilities are endless. Two exceptional features that we offer with Fastblue Audio Conferencing are ‘pay as you go‘ and reservationless service.

If you are new to conference calling and just beginning to introduce this service to your business you will be pleased to know that we offer pay as you go conferencing service. This means that you only pay for the amount of time you use the service rather than paying for an unlimited month upfront at a high cost. This is ideal because you may find that conference calling is particularly beneficial for a certain project that you are working on. You can rely heavily on conference calls for perhaps a 2-week period and not incur any excess charges.

It is also important to note that our conference calling service is reservationless. This means that you can use a dial in code to host a conference anytime of the day and with no notice. The call bridge is always available to you. This is an especially handy feature when you are working on a deadline. Often times as things get down to the wire you want to bring your whole team together to troubleshoot and finalize decisions. Audio conferencing is a great way to accomplish this.

If you are interested in finding out more about Fastblue’s Audio Conferencing please contact us today.

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