The Right Folder for Your Business

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Today, marketing communications have reached an entirely new level of sophistication. With the internet creating a staggering amount of usable marketing data for businesses, old-school efforts like brochures and sales sheets feel like they lost some of their flare. But is that entirely true? Is there room for traditional marketing efforts in a digitized world? At FatCat, we think so, and that’s why we continue to create exciting print pieces for our clients.


It might surprise readers to know that out of all the blog posts we’ve written over the years, and with all of the information available on our website, some of our most popular pages include tips for creating effective promotional materials and information on our custom sales presentation folders. As it turns out, people are still interested in physical promotions for their marketing efforts.

FatCat’s empirical data backs this up as well. Clients who send out physical marketing pieces, even direct mail, often see big jumps across a variety of metrics including web traffic, new leads and overall sales. This is because physical marketing materials quickly engage prospects in a number of marketing basics:

  • They provide a touch point for your branding
  • They provide tactile feedback which is important for memory
  • They provide additional opportunities for future touch points (for example: a brochure lying on someone’s desk may be viewed many times over the course of a week)


Analytics traffic for shows that many visitors are interested in one particular project: custom presentation folders that we did for Grassroutes Networking. From the beginning, Grassroutes wanted a folder that would stand out in their market and aid in starting a conversation with potential clients. We chose a window folder with a vertical pocket because it created an interesting-looking (yet functional) document holding area and allowed the business’s tagline, “IT is our Business. What’s Yours?” to be delivered in a dramatic way.

The print process was a project in itself, and our account managers and design staff worked closely with our printers to ensure that exact specifications were met. The final product was a beautiful folder that has garnered attention from the local business community.


Developing a custom folder doesn’t have to be an ordeal. After creating the Grassroutes folder, FatCat worked to develop folder design templates to create exciting folders, without the hassle of a fully custom project. Your business can get a customized, professionally designed two-pocket or one-pocket folder for as little as $.46 per folder!