This article was written just 24-hours after the death of Prince. It is being shared again on the 4th anniversary of his passing.

Prince was a magical genius woven through every part of my life. Nothing can stop these tears from falling.

My childhood swung wildly between just having enough money to eat and finding out which caravan park would be next on my mother’s list for us.

We settled for a while in an Australian seaside town with little going for it unless you were into violence on the streets at the hands of disenfranchised young people or bucket loads of institutionalised racism. …

The following is an excerpt from Fat Gay Vegan: Eat, Drink and Live Like You Give a Sh!t. (Nourish Books)

Why should vegans (and all citizens!) work hard to build healthy communities?

Community is not all about vegan beer festivals and eating as much as you can at a potluck. We vegans also need to take action for other members of our community in order to foster solidarity and resist oppression. …

My main source of income has been ‘put on hold’ for a few months as a direct result of the current coronavirus pandemic.

This is the reality for self-employed, informal economy, and on demand job people like me and countless others during this global health situation.

I am now get about 15% of my regular monthly income and this will remain until the global health situation passes, maybe a bit longer depending on how severely economies are damaged.

Similarly to most low-waged people, I have no savings or private health plan. …

We all love a good mystery, right?

The thrill of facts unknown. Seemingly unanswerable riddles to be solved with cunning and analysis. Mysterious strangers in trench coats, whispering coded messages.

Well, despite my clickbait-ridden headline there is actually no real mystery behind the dramatic free falling of Morrissey’s UK fanbase.

The bottom has not just fallen out of the indie singer’s following in the United Kingdom. It has completely rotted away due to his problematic statements and right wing political affiliations.

Need a recap?

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If you haven’t had an embarrassing date or a romantic disaster, have you even lived?

I’m here to let you all know that you are certainly not alone when it comes to disastrous dates. It can (and will) happen to the best of us.

If you are fortunate enough to have gotten this far in life without suffering a cringe-inducing romantic misadventure, rest assured one is just around the corner.

Your time will arrive. Be prepared.

My early romantic life can best be summed up as a comedy of errors. Well, a dark comedy at best.

Settle in for a few tales of lovelorn woes as I run you through the top five disasters of my dating…

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My partner was in the kitchen making vegan marshmallow brownies, the oven adding heat to an already sweltering Mexico City day, when the news reached me all the way from Brisbane, Australia.

My father had died a few hours earlier.

None of the countless Hollywood movies or camp soap operas I’ve absorbed throughout my life had given me any practical framework with how to deal with the death of an estranged parent. Everyone on screen seems to be overcome by guilt and sorrow when faced with the death of even the most far flung relative.

But not me.

After a few minutes of checking in on my siblings to see if they had heard the news, I felt little more than curious about the situation (my father had left his body to science, apparently). Was it OK to feel this detached? Should I feel something other than confronted by an unexpected death? …

In a changing climate for small vegan businesses, delicious cakes aren’t enough. But Ms. Cupcake has plenty of other ideas.

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Mellissa Morgan, also known as Ms. Cupcake. Photos: Ms. Cupcake

Through her famous Ms. Cupcake bakery based south of the river Thames, her bestselling recipe book, and a retail line of decadent baked treats, Mellissa Morgan has positioned herself as one of the most influential vegans in the UK, and now she’s working hard to keep her self-started and self-owned vegan enterprise ahead of the pack.

As one of the true pioneers of the plant-based boom that has enveloped London, Mellissa has turned a love of cake into an internationally recognized brand capable of fending off even the toughest obstacles. She’s been celebrated over the past decade as the colorful personality responsible for bringing decadent plant-based cakes to a burgeoning London vegan scene, but it is her business savvy keeping her Ms. Cupcake brand above the tide as mainstream forces push many independent vegan businesses past breaking point. …


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