Day 1 of a Diet

A day full of learnings and insights into the world of fad-detox diets. I blew up the blender, was yelled at on Reddit, and started to learn how much can come out of your body in one day….

…so it began, I went to look for some tips on Juicing before I started, and found that I need to strain the juice, you can’t just eat all the pulp because some bits are really bitter. I don’t have a strainer! Arg! Is the world trying to stop me on this diet? I strolled down to the shop, and bought some more fruit and veg, and a strainer. (unfortunately I couldn’t find beetroot, so no red-juice for me to day…

…so it began…again… I decided to try a nice simple light juice to get me going. (I’m not going to lie, I ate lasagna and a bit off chocolate the night before, so my body wasn’t desparate for food), I realised my first lesson.

Lesson 1: You need to spend time chopping things up, you can’t rush a juice.

I started chopping away, and there was something strangly comforting about chopping up fruit and veges. I had some me time and I wasn’t rushing. Rushing is a big part of why I grew and grew. Need to work grab a snack, Need to meet friends grab a quick meal, need to be somewhere, get something quick on the way. Not good…

Time was now mine, and I spent it chopping all my bits

The Ingredients to Juice #1
Blended the celery first, and added the rest after

So, not bad blending skills, what was supposed to make 900ml -> 1L, made about 800ml. I was happy. Here is a picture of how I strained it all out in case you were not sure what to use…

I had to work (lucky I am working from home that allowed this to be easier), so fired up the ole laptop and got typing away.

Then it started, toilet break 1, toilet break 2, toilet break 3. #1 & #2's, I read that this usually happens day 2–4, but I think maybe since I ate a lot the night before, it was pushing it all out.

Biggest suprise of the day, was 3–4pm when I am usually starting to feel a bit tired, I wasn’t…. I actually felt the same at the morning… no high-low enegy periods. Weird…

Hitting 6pm, I started to make juice 2, I wanted a different colour so that I could get more of the nutrients I needed. So I went for a carrot based one. Though it looked great (see pictures below), I didn’t get a lot of juice out of the mix (500ml instead of 1L), and it broke my blender, I mustn’t have been cutting the bits small enough. :( Well I assume it’s broken, all smoke was coming out of it, and most internet forums say its a gonner if that is the case.

7 Carrots, 5 Apples, 2 limes, 1" Ginger, (forgot lettuce) = Only 560ml
Good consistency, but it was thicker right at the bottom of the glass. (Bad straining or bad blending maybe)

I really liked this one, more than the other one, but they were both nice. Which was suprising. 7 carrots! That is more vege’s than I have had the past 2 weeks!!!!

So how am I feeling now? It’s 10pm, and I am not starving. I thought I would have aches, but i’m ok. I feel a bit weird, I guess you could call it “light”, I wonder if what I eat makes me feel down and tired at this time usually.

Hardest thing of today? Making sure I drank enough water. It’s hard to do 2.5–3L as well as juice. So much liquid. (and I love liquid)

Other notes: I made a post on Reddit asking for advice, and was swamped with posts about how you shouldn’t juice, you will just put it back on, its not a “reboot” as you are not actually giving your body everything it needs.

I agree with this if you do 1–3 days, but I am doing 10. So that is definitely going to have an effect on me. At least buring some of my fat. I know it’s not a solution and I need to have a healthy diet/exercise afterwards, but I am looking at this to kickstart my mental approach, break my bad habits, and prove that this is what I want! I’m 30, I’m Awesome, I bloody deserve a good bod!

So, time to see how my sleep is effected, I have been having a few nights when I wake up a few times lately, so it will be interesting to see if Juicing has any effect.

Twitter Count: Up to 5 followers, but they mostly look like companies trying to sell stuff, but there might be 1 person following. Thanks for your support!!!

Tomorrow: I need to go get a new blender or juicer, I haven’t decided… I will need to use my “supermarket” stock in the morning, since I won’t be able to pop out at least until lunch. So lucky I bought that. Maybe I can find a beetroot…

In the meantime, Happy Juicing, and see you tomorrow!!!