Day 1: The world after a 10-Day Juice Reboot

Food, how you were not as tasty as I was remembering you to be. Well it was pretty nice, but I do miss a nice juice! I was going to have one for dinner, but actually ended up too full after a latelunch. Guessing my stomach has shrunk.

I ended my juice reboot feeling healthier and focused, and a lot lighter.

Start: 282lbs (128kgs) — End: 266lbs (120.7kg), so pretty impressive result. I wonder if I am going to gain some now that I am filling my body with food again. Probably, lets see what the effects will be tomorrow.

To send me on my way I also had a thumbs up from Joe, who was the inspiration for this juice reboot.

One thing that I have noticed is that food takes a lot longer to prepare than juicing (usually). So I am going to have to be even more ORGANISED to ensure I hit my targets, which is now 0.75kg per week. Not too full on, but tough and sustainable. On the bright side I do have a few bonus calories that I can now have just in case. (and I am sure I will have the odd juice as well).

My new target is 2000 calories a day, and at least 2 hours of gym/running per week. Which is think is pretty fair to achieve, if not smash out of the ball park. I am using a free food tracker to keep on top of this, as it is both on computer and mobile. Simple philosophy, expend more energy than you put in.

Breakfast, I finally got my eggs, which were awesome.

Breakfast: Day 11

I didn’t actually get to eat my Skyr for another 2 hours, as I was really full after eating the bacon and eggs. (420 calories down). I also maintained my water intake of planning for 2.5–3L per day.

Went for my 3km run/walk, as I need to pick up the exercise now, since I don’t want to lose weight just to be a skinny weakling. Best news is that my knee which usually hurts, didn’t hurt at all. At the end I tried to do a sprint, but I felt it a little then, so I might wait another 5–7kg before I start running hard.

I didn’t realise that the lunch I planned was going to take 3hours to put together, so had to have a snack (lunch), to keep the energy up. This was more of a treat, as I saw my wife eating it a few days ago, and really really wanted some. p.s. It was awesome! (Rice Cake, Guacamole, Salami). YUM!

Lunch - 425 calories

I didn’t do much else today, about from laze around and watch TV (the tennis and a few movies). I will do some situps and pushups tonight, but that is it for exercise.

Dinner was awesome, and what I was craving as I was really in the mood for a mix of veges and meat. Here is the recipy again for those that missed it yesterday. It was pretty nice, and definitely filling. (When I say filling, means I didn’t stuff myself till I couldn’t eat more, I ate till I was no longer hungry and stopped, and stored the rest for later).

We did it with chicken, which was still pretty nice, and had 60g of basmati rice with it.

720 calories (since it was a large portion)

I even had some snacks today as well, since they have been sitting around my house for a few days, as I received a care package from back home in Australia. So I ate all of the above PLUS the below, and I technically still have another 250 calories if I want them (which doesn’t include extra exercise calories this app is letting me have). So going to end the day in front. :) Will make up for the night when I am sure I will have 2–3 pints.

Another 203 calories (just 1 biscuit, not the whole packet!)

It’s 8:30pm, and I am feeling ok, not too tired which is nice. I probably am a bit more exhausted than the feeling I usually have, but I think I am still recovering from a crazy week last week.

The app has these nice visuals that track weightloss, fitness and food intake. So I have started my streak of days I have hit my target. Woohoo! I still have a long journey to go, but I am feeling positive.

I will likely fall off the wagon a few times, but that’s life isn’t it. What matters is that you keep on getting up. I have no one to blame but myself for my body today, so I am accepting responsibility and changing it.

It isn’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much can you take and keep moving forward? That’s how winning is done.

I will be blogging probably once every 1–3 days going forward, so please follow me on twitter if you want to chat or want more regular updates. FatMan trying to lose weight

See you soon JuiceStars and Healthnuts!

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