Never to old to learn to JuiceDetox (6 Lessons)

Day: 1 (am)

OK so here are 6 last minute lessons I have read to help me today:

  1. Have 4–5 Juices per day at 500ml each. (2.5L total). Aim for 4, but if you get starving, then have 5.
  2. You MUST drink water as well, otherwise your body won’t be able to process everything you drink. (Target: 3L per day)
  3. When using a blender, you need to strain the plup out. Here you ask: But isn’t it filled with Fiber? Answer: Yes…BUT apparently some fruit/vege pulp tastes horrible, and I have no idea which is good and which is bad, so for the short term, its all going to be removed. (You still get soluable Fiber so don’t worry about me for now)
  4. Chop your stuff up smaller, and put the tougher items in first at a higher speed, then put the softer and softer materials in.
  5. Clean/Wash everything before you try and juice it!
  6. Join a group! It will be hard, and you will need to lean on others, this doesn’t mean talking to people, but just join something like the Reddit group for weight loss, so you can read some inspirational stories when you are down.

I would stay and chat, but I need to blend. See you on the other side!