Coco Chanel wouldn’t drink directly from a two liter bottle! (Cry for help)

Day 314 — Oh boy. I’m eating while writing about my weight loss journey. There is seriously something fu@ked up about that. And I’m powering down a 2 liter bottle of raspberry seltzer water in the process. From the bottle. Directly. I have to hold it with both hands. It isn’t pretty. But I kinda have to hide since my husband is fasting for Yom Kippur.

I, on the other hand, am Catholic so I am free to graze. I have done all the shopping for the break-fast tomorrow night. Of course I’m in charge of the cooking! (But don’t ask me for my brisket recipe!) After 24 hours not eating, my family will ready to EAT. No fasting for me. I don’t want to shut down my metabolism. And technically I’m a free agent in Temple.

His Aunt leaned over to whisper, “Hey, you got a ham sandwich in your purse?” Silly! Of course I did! Nah…just kidding. But I seriously might have in the past.

This morning, Dr. Tolentino had me come in to have my blood drawn so she could check all my hormone levels and all the other things they test your blood for. She wants to stay on top of whatever changes are happening as I continue to lose weight. Speaking of which, today they weighed me and I finally got down into the 180’s. So I’m 60+lbs in and still chugging along.

I am so grateful for the care I receive at Elite Health. It’s funny. Someone asked if I get paid to talk about them. And NO. I don’t. It’s just after so long without the level of care I needed, I just can’t stop myself from expressing my gratitude and describing what actual care is really like…since some would never know the difference. The concierge level of care is off the charts! (A medical reference! Get it?) So worth it.

Who else can legitimately claim their entire medical office made your logo into t-shirts and wore them on the day you begin your 100lbs weight loss quest? I suspect…not too many! But to the team at Elite…it was a proper send off. To me…well…it just made me cry. Tears of gratitude. SEE? There I go again!

Frankly I’d really love if they could make all this fat magically disappear. But they assured me they couldn’t. There’d be too much bloodshed. Hell, I’m ready! Go get the crime scene tape!

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