Delivering “the line” you’ve always dreamt of saying…

Day 243 — #wow. My son leaves to begin medical school tomorrow morning. At the Apple store today, my brother surprised him by saying the words my brother has only dreamt of being able to deliver until now, “I heard you needed a new computer. So I want you to pick out any computer you want, don’t worry about the cost, and it’s yours. My gift.”

The stunned smile on my son’s face was sweet and lovely. But the smile on my brother’s face said it all. “It’s better to give than to receive” has a biblical and soulful DNA, but a very terrestrial application. My brother has worked a lifetime to be able to truly deliver that line without reservation. And today, when the opportunity came, he enjoyed and meant every single word.

It was a sight to behold. Our son has always been respectful of “things” and “gifts.” A sense of entitlement and lack of humility is met with little patience in our home. When we have the good fortune to enjoy a moment where we’re complimented on our children, we always refer to the old joke, “the beatings will continue until morale improves.”

After the computer and free with purchase #beats headphones were in the bag, we took the “perma-grin” twins to dinner. They both smiled through the entire meal. Except when my brother got a hold of some delicious shrimp jambalaya…and our son took a quick break to swoon over his hamburger.

Today was bitter sweet. A celebration and farewell. Tears. Streaming. Ugh! I worried that my cheat day would get out of control. You know how it goes…your brain sees stress or emotional territory, and BAM! You start salivating and decide to bury your pain, or celebrate your happiness with food. Well…at least that is true for me. For my cheat today I could have gone crazier but I didn’t. Intentionally. Both sorrow and happiness are triggers for me. Sweet potato pancakes and hot and spicy chicken. That was crazy enough. The syrup had more sugar than…well…anything I’ve eaten since last month! It gave me a rush AND a headache! My body is getting too pure! What? Jussst kidding. But wow. I honestly felt it. I enjoyed it tremendously but…just…wow. It makes you think twice about whether or not it is worth it. So far I’m landing on a definite YES. So good.

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