Duo Baci — Two Kisses Restaurant

Day 193 — I’m half Irish and half Italian. My mother would only speak Italian to us when she was mad or didn’t want company to know what she was saying. Consequently, I know a unique set of words and phrases in Italian. Most of them threatening or dripping with condescension…referencing someone’s poor character or that they are a dirty scoundrel (sounds better in Italian) or ugly (sounds nastier and more threatening in Italian).

I also knew my nursery rhymes and songs in Italian. When I had my children that is what I sang. My husband only could sing the “Miami Dolphin’s Fight Song” and “Were you born a butthead” which were the songs he knew all the words to. It’s a miracle they still love us. A couple of meaningful Italian melodies stand out, I catch myself running to the stand out favorite, the “Eh Cumpari” song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSPkD5uMUjg) and here are a couple of lines from this dandy I sang to my children when they were little…

“Mane manutsa vene papa,
boita gosi sini va
bichicadi bichididi
mane manutsa vene papa
boita gosi sini va…!!!”

It basically means papa’s coming home and is going to bring presents and nuts, and then will go away again. Not particularly exciting, but it’s all in the delivery! Especially when you get to the “gosi sini va” part. You have to stretch out the “va” like so…”Vvvvaaaahhhhhhh” in a high pitched voice.

Being Italian is important to me. As important as being Irish. Since I’m half and half I’ve got to be like Switzerland. Tonight was my son’s 20th birthday and of course I made reservations at an Italian restaurant. Duo Baci means “Two Kisses” and our crew had a great time there tonight. Italian food is my comfort food. And Duo Bocci gets 3 thumbs up from the Chernobyl Times in terms of authenticity.

“You have to know who you are before you can decide who you want to be” is one of my favorite sayings.

Having my children know — REALLY know — who they are and feel connected to their ancestry is a big priority of mine. I LOVED it when my daughter and I went to Ireland last summer and she couldn’t believe we kept running into people I was related to. Everywhere we went. It was lovely, funny and unusual for her. Since we live in Florida away from my immediate family in California, and only recently my brother moved here, she is used to me only sharing my husband’s family…conveniently located right down the street. I want their feet firmly planted on the ground and their eyes on the horizon. I think we are doing a good job. No one is a serial killer. I’m callin’ that a VICTORY!

You have to know who you are before you can decide who you want to be. I knew who I was and it made my path much easier as life threw inevitable curve balls my way…until I lost my way and forgot who I was while drowning in the muck and mire of a very stressful hamster wheel existence. Which I chose to stay on. But now I’m stepping off. And everyone needs to step away and give me some time and space to refigure this $hit out.

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