Day 259 — My niece is engaged and everyone is thrilled. It’s a fun thing he did…putting the ring in a martini glass (she is definitely related to me). It’s also a lovely thing he did…by asking on her parent’s wedding anniversary, at the hotel they were married at…so many years before.

So this all begs the question. NOW WHAT!?

My money was immediately on the wedding being soon and at that exact location. Yes. And yes. I win.




These photos will live on in perpetuity!!! I’m remembering my Grandparents wedding photos as I write. Christ! I don’t need to be bikini ready but I want to be the best version of myself that I can be…for her…and my sister…and MYSELF. One day her children and grandchildren will look at her wedding pictures. I don’t want be the lump in an ill-fitting dress trying to hide behind everyone in every family photo.

Honestly, I haven’t worn a real fancy outfit in nearly 10 years. And the only ones I did wear were flouncy chiffon pants and some hideous blouse that old ladies wear. Why? Because that is the only thing that fit and that I could or would buy. I refuse to spend good money on clothing meant for the “heavy-set.” They don’t design that stuff for the “jet-set.” But that is what my “mind-set” is. Hence, the disconnect. I swear, plus size fashion designers must think we want to look like flowers, or are all 80 years old. A few fashionable casual pieces might slip in between, but other than that…it is a fashionista wasteland.

For years I declined to be in the photos my family took. If I was included, trust me, it was NOT intentional. Lately I’ve begun to share a few photos, and I’m trying to chill my nuggets in that regard. But thinking about being in formal attire at a formal affair where there might be a waist line requirement to wear a fashionable, on-trend garment…

Where is a g’damn martini when you need one? Walking motivation! Fo. Sho.

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