Feelin’ Fine And Francy Free!

Day 186 — So this morning I take my butt on a walk and I’m feeling pretty good about myself. I’m doin’ it. I got my favorite cotton leggings on, my zippity-do-da (I like them, my daughter doesn’t) sneakers with rubberized laces for easy slipping on, with my hecho en Guatemala Faded Glory tee-shirt…all from Walmart. It’s all good.

Then it gets better! I can see that the tee-shirt is super big and swinging along when I walk. How fantastic is that!? I walk a mile to a cafe and my daughter meets me. I tell her about the loose, swinging tee-shirt. She is duly supportive and impressed. Then it dawns on me. What size it is?

I drop my coffee cup, grab my shirt, turn it around and see size 26–28. Are you f’ing kidding me? Here I am thinking I’m da bomb…and I’m wearing a size 4X.

4X. That is typically the limit of sizes available. In fact, it is rare to find. Only at Walmart do you regularly find that size. Trust me. I counted on it.

And here I was today, celebrating the breeze moving this tee-shirt loosely on my body as I jauntily strode down my street — until I saw that number 24.

My next goal is a legit size 14–16. When that happens…I’m out of plus size and will be feeling fine and fancy free!

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