Fu@k Stress

Day 303 — My life-coaching sessions are challenging, enlightening, and saving me. I was having a conversation today with someone who, like me, has struggled with his weight for years. Probably lost and found 100lbs several times. Each time, he says, “Gaining it back, plus more.” I assured him I knew that story well. Ultimately, he had gastric bypass surgery. And that was the right choice for him. When he saw me he congratulated me and asked, “Did you get surgery?” When I admitted I was “gutting” it out (pun intended) #1poundatatime, he then wanted to know what I was doing differently this time. I explained the difference maker was the coaching from Bill Cortright, coupled with the care from the Elite Health/FitForever group and the new Stress Response Diet. He insisted I must have a food addiction. I assured him I’m discovering my issues are legion, and getting addressed in a panoply of ways. Stress and my response to it? One of my big answers. When he began revisiting the “food addiction” issue, I hugged and kissed him, then ran off. Back to my own, unique battle. Well, not that unique. Since I began this journey I have discovered so many people dealing with eerily similar issues. It’s quite comforting knowing I’m not that special! Even without Overeaters Anonymous!

I realize the gift Bill Cortright is in my life. Coaching with him is an extraordinary opportunity. I don’t want to waste a moment of it. During our first couple of months I felt like I was hit by a meat grinder. He began to deconstruct and question everything. It was…in fact…ANNOYING. He kept digging and I cried. A lot. If he asked me, “Why?” one more time. Grrrrrrr. Fine. Who am I kidding? He is still asking questions, but now my answers are making sense. Most importantly…to me. And that is what matters.

Clarity is a rarity. It can be fleeting and sometimes only seen in retrospect. I’m trying to get out in front of it to keep my horizon as wide as possible. I’ll need it as I reconstruct and reimagine my next chapter life.

First, I need to stop dreaming about wine. And vodka. Not necessarily in that order. Or together. Either will do. The lack of either is the only thing that sucks about this weight loss plan. #seriously #wino #gimlet #martini #SOS

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