I’m a fraud!

Day 454 — Here I am aping about how special it is to have our kids back home for a weekend together in celebration of my husband’s birthday. Teary-eyed in fact! Just the thought of us being together causes me to choke-up and chest-clutch.

And then my friend runs up to our table out at dinner tonight laughing, “I saw all of you on your phones through the window!”

OMG. OH MA GAWD! Really? Seriously? #busted

Talking politics, school updates, gossip, drama, some bickering, and sharing of food to abate order regret after seeing the other person eating something that looks even better than yours. We actually were having a terrific time together. But looking at us in that moment, you would never know it.

My husband and I strive to keep our family dinners cellphone free. We haven’t always won that battle. Often with me violating the rule. Clients call? My family imitates me diving to answer it in the MOST unflattering fashion. Complaining I ignore their calls, but knock small children, old people, even puppies over to answer work calls. (Sad but probably more truth to that statement than I care to admit.) But if they like to eat? Imma Answering!

Working as a mom is getting easier in the sense that I’m no longer doing car pool. But my Mother used to always say, “Small children, small problems. Big children…” Well…you know how that line ends.

Mercifully, right now, we are working on not sweating the small stuff. After a 3 hour brunch with their Grandfather and our entire extended family, they visited my Brother, then headed over to see their 103+ yr. old Great-grandmother…spending time holding her hand and witnessing, first hand, the importance of not sweating the small stuff…and time.

And then, there we were. On our cell phones as we finished our meal, before heading to drop our oldest at the airport. And the snapshot of our life together, as a family, simply didn’t reflect the intimacy and love we enjoy and hold dear. Not unlike a thousand windows into other people’s lives we have no idea about but choose to judge. Like how people would look at my weight and judge me.

Context. Perspective. The important stuff.

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