I’m an escapee!

Day 273 — #Staycations rock! I have been able to do a few things today I would have NEVER had the opportunity to do if I wasn’t home…and I felt like an escapee.

Boy. I do NOT miss work. At. All. I like the people. I like what I do. I like it the most when I feel we are helping our clients. But I love the fact I do NOT have to be anywhere tomorrow morning. That is fanf’ingtastic!

My oldest son called today at noon and was stunned when he found out I WAS AT HOME. Yup. Home and loving it. When he found out I’d gotten a massage earlier that morning? Mind blown. I’m a girl on the run!

Then my friend called and cried, “When will I see you?!” My response was immediate, “I’m open! Let’s hatch a plan! Lunch? I’ll drive to you!” She laughed like I was joking…waiting for me to admit it. But nope. I’m good to go! My other friend who I will be calling (read: stalking) tomorrow is recovering from a minor surgery and I am going to go give her a big wet get well kiss and a lip smackaroo too.

Having dinner with my husband and 20 year old son, then watching one of my favorite films, “Something’s Gotta Give” is even sweeter on a staycation. This is the movie I visualize to. Everyday. She is a writer, with a water view, and a handsome life with an apartment in the city. Except for the husband part, I’m keeping mine, this film intrigues and entertains me every time. I love the fact that she is mature AND contemporary, confident, and accomplished. I like those kind of girls. Those girls make sense to me. Kind of like a north star to fabulousness. Who is with me? #fattofabover50

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