Last Weekend…

Day 187 — This was my final weekend with our youngest child before she leaves to work as a camp counselor for the summer. She will only be back for a few days before leaving for college. I know she didn’t want to spend every moment with her father and I. She has friends. We get it. But this afternoon I got some alone time while doing our favorite thing…shopping. We are the dynamic duo of “Yes” “No” and “Hell No.” Our opinions are the only ones that matter to us. We can even walk in a store and immediately “feel” if we are going to find something or not. In tandem. Call it radar or intuition. We don’t have to spend any money. We just like the hunt.

We like to walk, talk, and hold hands. I know as I next-chapter my life, there is a vast horizon of opportunities to enjoy my weekends…and days for that matter. And I plan on doing so to the fullest in fab fashion. But they will not always include her unless we “live stream” it.

What!? Oh! OK! Problem solved! I’m good. I’m alright.

I admit I’m holding onto the precipice of sanity at this point. I will miss the way we effortlessly would reach out to hold each other’s hand and find it without even having to look. But she will be having fun and following her dreams. And so will I. Before she returns in August, I will get more fit and fab, plus have more time to enjoy some fun adventures. I will be a better example of how to build, reimagine, and create a life anew at any age.

My mother always used to warn me “one day you’ll know.” I can’t even imagine the effort it took to resist the temptation to slap me and stop my eyes from rolling. I bet she’s crying laughing now. I’m just trying not to cry. So I will keep on finding the flip and funny side of things. To keep me sane while I’m searching for the wonderful.

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