P.O.S.I.T.I.V.I.T.Y. #dammit

Day 347 — Staying positive and endeavoring to find productive pathways forward has never been my forte. I’m typically a power-thru, slug-my-way-thru kinda gal. Well, now I’m not so fuck off.

The self-actualization, transformation, weight loss, get-my-life-back, reinvention journey is confounding me in ways I never imagined. I always refer to myself as being able to deal with whatever it is, as long as I know what the “it” is. Negativity vs. Positivity. That is the it. The magic wand I’ve been hoping to find and be able to wave…turning potentially negative, toxic situations into positive ones.

It’s an attitude, mixed with faith, persistence, and an energy that boomerangs back. And since so many people tend to exist in, and be motivated by lower, negative energies, I’m turning into quite the jiu jitsu master. Learning to either use their negative energy to neutralize them, side-step it and let them pass, or just not allow it to enter my sphere of influence. Wow. I feel better. What a difference a year can make. Only now am I realizing it. No big epiphany. Just a peaceful knowing and acceptance of what can be. Manifesting it. Then watching more positivity enter my life.

I may not be able to remove stress from my life, (Seriously who could?), but my response to it is completely up to me. Stress is a killer. Why would I welcome it into my house. Just like I avoid people who look to cause drama, or don’t value me or my friendship, I am working to remove the “weight” stress has caused in my life.

I don’t need “safe-zones,” I’m rarely intimidated and good for the fight if I need to. But I’m seemingly, somehow getting better at self-soothing, finding equanimity, comity, and peaceful resolutions. It’s probably a good thing before the holidays and all. It will DEFINITELY make it less likely there’s a Thanksgiving loser-leave-town-cage-match fistfight at the table. #nopoliticsallowed #holidaycheer

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