Sibling Rivary…

Day 247 — These people. They are ridiculous. But they are mine. My kind of ridiculous. Because of them, there is not one day I have woken up and not known I was loved. They may make me crazy. And sometimes mad. But especially after losing our beloved sister, Mary Eleanor, to breast cancer, we have to hang tight. And we do.

They make me laugh. My sister is so used to running everything and thinking about everyone, that she’s called me from work, whispering, to remind me about something or give me advice on compelling issues of the day like a solution to my plumbing problem. When I’ve protested that she must have other things to concern herself with, you know…like peoples lives…rather than trying to run mine…she simply regroups, “I’m not trying to tell you what to do, I’m actually TELLING you what to do!” OMG You gotta love her. There is no other choice. Trust me on this. But if she is in your corner…you are golden.

My brother, on the other hand, is more of a go-along-get-along kinda guy. He’s a dream. Fairly uncomplicated and with a lifetime of experiences filled with true stories, people don’t believe. But fact is stranger than fiction. He has given me some of the most important, wisest counsel. Quietly holding my hand and whispering in my ear, he brings some of the most tragic situations into crystalline clarity with such simplicity, perspective, and dignity. He moved near me when he retired. I tried to convince him to live with us but he accused me, wrongly so, of being too bossy. (cue the sound of crickets)


We all have our flaws and foibles. But I’m running towards a goal that is attainable only if I learn to embrace everything positive and wonderful in my life. Not concerning myself with the glass being half empty, but deciding to refill it, and carefully choosing what goes in.

The big gavel in this photo is obviously intended to be funny. But when I look at it, it reminds me that I have two warriors willing to fight for me. Come hell or high water. Tragedy or triumph. No sibling rivalry in the traditional sense. There simply are no rivals to their enduring love for me. #blessed #babyofthefamily

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