Day 238 — There was a time when I needed a seat belt extender when flying on airplanes. It was humiliating. Especially when I’d pass by other passengers and think, “There is NO WAY I’m that big and he/she has a seat belt that reaches around them and not me!” Fully confident. Smug in my surety, I’d then go to snap it shut and…Fu@%me!

Now? SLACK! I am officially a slack(r)!!! YAY me.

I took this photo today when I boarded my flight. Then I realized what I’d actually captured. Some important tools I’m using to continue my quest to flip the switch from the “red zone” to the “green zone” (via the Stress Response Diet by Bill Cortright):

  1. my Elite FitForever protein shake bottle (chocolate is my fav)
  2. my latest book — (The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz)
  3. my visualization of experiencing “slack” — a goal I’ve set — realized

Not everything is captured (obviously)…but there are some tell tale signs I’m working my way through, working to stay on track. While working out of town…out of sync with the stay-in-between-the-lines routine I’ve charted for some time now.

Temptation abounds. We got a great call while driving from Nashville to Knoxville. Looks like we’re closing in on a great new client. I flirted with the notion of a “celebratory” martini or glass of wine. And as I sat at dinner, I struggled. Tempted. Then chose to order a bottle of sparkling water with lime instead. And I still thoroughly enjoyed my steak, spicy crab, and brussels sprouts. I almost cracked but I didn’t. YAY! Hey, I’m celebrating where I can!

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