Stop talking. Just stop talking.

Day 106 — Have you ever had a “conversation” with someone and came away thinking…wow? Just WOW! And not in a good way. Some people are so convinced there is no other opinion worthy of consideration — other than their own — that when they ask the rhetorical “what do you think?” you almost laugh out loud. They are so intoxicated with their next thought, they look like they are about to crawl out of their skin until they can find a chance to cut you off. It is quite clear they can’t stand the fact you’re wasting time even attempting to answer the question. It is fatiguing. And previous to my work with Coach Bill Cortright, would be a big, BIG negative trigger for me. Negative to the point of physical pain and mental anguish for hours, even days, following such an event. I almost fell prey to this type of manipulative, controlling ploy…but the good news is…I didn’t. I caught myself both yesterday and today. But it wasn’t easy.

In one instance someone was telling me all about her weight loss woes and the diet she was following. She asked me what my diet entailed. And as I began to speak — I hit the wall. The wall of “I don’t give a good you-know-what about what you are saying.” I saw the wall go up. But before I went “splat” and collapsed on the floor in a heap, I figured I’d explain the role of Elite Health’s Concierge Healthcare concept and the hormone balancing Dr. Tolentino has so deftly navigated for me. She interrupted me quickly and demanded I admit that hormones are just an excuse and that I over ate and didn’t exercise. I began to protest and she shut me down again. I stopped talking. She clearly knew it all.

Today’s event and non “conversation” mercifully wasn’t about my weight loss. But mercilessly in the past, this trigger typically would have sent me in the same, self-sabotaging direction of food..or a glass of wine. Again. I didn’t bite. I thought about it. But I didn’t. So smug, self absorbed, and self righteous, I’m certain this person has no idea this event even occurred. I watched, listened, and didn’t resist. It wasn’t worth trying. My opinion clearly only matters to me. So I kept it to myself. And I saved myself the anger and resentment. The rest of the bull$hit I’ll leave for God and this person to sort out. It is not my problem. No matter how much they try to lay it at my feet. Ahhhhhhhh! Thanks to Elite Health I now have some tools to deal with stress, stressful people, and stressed-out circumstances. Sorry for the F-word but it is the #truth.

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