Time Management #LifeHack

Day 249 — I’ve been hackin’ my way through this life. Now I’m giving it a go to get better at it. I’m not great at shortcuts but there are a few of them that help me manage time and these #lifehacks are becoming clutch in my #lifetransformation. I’m working hard at learning how to shift my energy from negative Red Zone to positive Green Zone with Bill Cortright’s pause response method to manage my response to stress. It is saving my life. Literally.

Now he’s taking it to a new level and I really like it. From managing stress in the Green Zone, to now managing time in the Green Zone! The goal is to manage your focus and get more done in less time by working from the Green Zone.

I’m currently working on mastering the following two. They go together. Not Bill’s original concept, the Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. But when combined with Bill’s stress response techniques…I can feel myself beginning to fly.


25-minute slots of times planned to tackle projects and fight procrastination, by putting you in a state of Green Zone focus. Done while being rigidly timed by using the tick tick tick of an egg timer. It’s actually quite Pavlovian! After a short while of getting used to hyper-focusing to the hypnotic tick tick tick, these “pomodoros” eventually train your brain to lock in focus when you hear the timer.Need more time to finish? You must take 5–10 minute breaks between.

So get to tick ticking and the next thing you know, missions are getting accomplished in less time.

Project Boxes

It’s another form of lists…which I don’t like to do. When Bill outlined it for me, all I could think was #FML. But by grouping and designing projects into Project Boxes it gets spatial, and as a creative person, that works better for me. For each project there is a separate To-Do box. This creates a “to-do” focus for each project. Actions due within the week have a special focus.

Unfortunately, there is no hack-a-thon that can quickly solve my weight loss issue. Just good ‘ol fashion move more, eat smarter.

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