Words…so many words.

Day 248 — I get nervous when there are too many words used to express a sentiment. It tends to be a harbinger of bad things to follow. Words can be dangerous. More dangerous than guns, since they are as easy to come by as your next breath. Thoughtless ones can kill a soul, effortlessly crush a dream, or undermine a child’s self-esteem for a lifetime.

Ideologues use it to control the language. Orwell said it best, “Language makes humans easy to control. Control their language and you control the people.” The pain point of this is intersects most acutely where government and the politics of fear collide. Watch the news…it is a free for all out there!

So many words have become radioactive. Someone said, “You people” during a conversation the other day and someone in the room called them out on it. What? Was that a micro-aggression? That?! Being PC is paramount. The thought police are out there in full force. Chins out. Sharp elbows. It’s getting a little too Orwellian for me at this point.

I am SO over it. Yet I am starting to catch myself doing it. To myself. Before I began this transformation journey I would joke around, in my typical self-deprecating style, and then wonder why someone might have the wrong impression of me. For years I’ve even said, “I’m the bit@h you want on your side with the chips are down.” And I’m just joking to convey I’m a scrappy fighter and a good friend to have. And I am.

But in this new paradigm of awareness, I am learning in some circumstances I’m not doing myself any favors. Words matter. Positive words are powerful. Kind ones matter even more. Even the ones you think and never say out loud define you and attract more of the same. Oh god. Now I’m becoming my own thought police. Christ. I’m even quoting Gandhi and Orwell together. Give me the G’damn go-to-jail card.

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