I’m not quite sure what you mean by this.
Ken Creary

Being caught in the middle, to my eye, implies a preference and sympathy to the group in the middle.

I agree with you that illegal immigration is a symptom of a far larger problem. If business here did not seek to circumvent labor laws, the issue wouldn’t be the political one it is today.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I was demonizing or hating illegal immigrants. Zeroing in on an argument tends to have that effect on the internet. They’re people, 99% of which are simply seeking a better life for themselves for their family. And most would prefer to remain in their land of birth. It’s a natural human inclination. I’d rather stay in the country shit hole I grew up in, provided it wasn’t a shit hole or didn’t have all of the other issues it does. But it is still home. My father still dreams of the Alborz Mountains, even though he hasn’t seen them in 30 years.

On a fundamental level, it isn’t as amazingly great as it used to be to be a middle class American. Or as easy. My mothers ancestors were willing to become Smiths after being Schmidts. Why? Because America was worth losing ones cultural heritage and assuming another.

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