it pressed pause on the world’s becoming worse.
Gawker, 2002–2016
Alex Balk


Gawker ascribed to the Slim Pickens role in Dr. Strangelove with its relationship to truth. I don’t need to list the intellectual and moral crimes perpetrated at that website, as there is plenty of that being done already.

Gawker represented the soulless, completely self absorbed reality of the internet. It personified the idea that who is saying something is more important than what is being said. You write this as if Gawker is the only place on the internet fearless enough to delve into the personal lives of the rich, the famous, the duplicitous, and the well meaning. Again, Bullshit.

Maybe it’s the only place for people with a modicum of talent. I think you’re onto something if that’s the case.

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