Of course, telling women to “just ignore it” is another way of telling women to be quiet. If we’re quiet, we’ll be safe. If we’re quiet, they’ll go away.
Why Women Smile at Men Who Sexually Harass Us
Hanna Brooks Olsen

But if you’re polite and say thank you, that’s empowering? It encourages this behavior further. That drunken loser, who might have been repulsed at the idea of harassing random women on the street, now expects his next quarry to perhaps be a little more obliging than just saying thank you.

If you let a man think what he is doing is liked/acceptable, he is going to continue doing it.

I also cannot fathom why you live in a place where stuff like this happens, or that you continue going to bars and other nightlife type places where these things happen. You said bodega, so I guess this is happening in NYC. I’ve lived in urban areas that are not NYC and I’ve never seen anything close to this sort of thing happening. Although I also avoid going out when people are drunk, and do not frequent places where drunk people frequent, save for the occasional sporting event.

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