He had, in essence, forced me to go on a date with him, and without my consent.
When Men Want to Talk Shop
Anon XX


Man with power contacts some new female employee out of the blue. Suspicious. Man with power wants to “talk shop” and get a coffee with someone who knows little about said shop. Doubly suspicious. Man with power either proposes or agrees on a time after work and on a Friday. Triply suspicious. Man with power proposes getting coffee at a bar. We’re at suspicious levels of Bilbo talking about his precious, here.

I mean, come on. Really? How did he force you? What did you expect to happen from a (I’m guessing) at least decade older man, after work hours, at a bar? Who contacted you out of the blue? Suppose he was the head widget maker you you were the apprentice widget maker, and you contacted him. If you wound up here, then yeah, maybe he’d totally be the one at fault.

But every single step of this is weird. And creepy.

I’ve had two different jobs now where I start my employ with a female colleague, same job, we sit next to each other. For about a month after that, random ass men from around the office would routinely go out their way and introduce themselves to them. While never doing this to me. One of these female colleagues pointedly mentioned this to me, and we both laughed about how “weird” and pathetic it was.

He is a sleazeball. But you were an adult when this happened, with complete agency over your own actions. You let it get as far as it did.